Oriental Spice and some Chocolate

Last week, I was doing my obligated cleaning round at home. As I was imagining how wonderful it would be if dust magically disappeared, dishes would clean themselves and how wonderful it would be to have my own personal cook during weekdays, another thought hit me. My cleaning dislike level is pretty high, but imagine how life was for a good 1950s housewife. A lifestyle without technological innovations like dishwashers, smart washing machines and induction cooking. More importantly, a time where a woman’s place was in fact often in the kitchen.

Let’s face it. All that Hollywood glamour, rock & roll and of course vintage style is lovely and nice, but truly living the everyday life in the 1950s as a woman… that’s a different story. Especially if you were married and had kids (since living together in those days was a no-no).

My mind was wandering around again. With my state of mind, I would be miserable in those days. If you weren’t a Classic Hollywood star, there wasn’t much freedom, time to unwind or glamour in everyday life. Being independent and living on your own was unthinkable and technological innovations were limited. If you had any other ambitions outside the household, you could flush them through the toilet 9 out 10 times. Therefore, appreciating the freedom you currently have is definitely something I do very often. On the other hand, a laugh a day keeps the misery away. And after all, this is a spicy vintage meets present blog! So, imagine a housewife with a witty (or should I say spicy) vintage-meets-present attitude. What would she say to get the conversation going…:

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Last but not least, a spicy one before marriage:


First picture: Oriental Spice and some Chocolate, shoot via Als Filmster op de Foto. All other images, royalty free via Pixabay. Text edits by Oriental Spice and some Chocolate via Wordswagg

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