vinyl art record
vinyl art record

These lovely summer days, call for a summer playlist. Now, there are two sides to this summer playlist story. There are those popular summer hits that everyone knows. From the Lambada to La Bamba. Great summer classics, I also replay those songs until I am tired of them. Which is after 100+ times usually. I am a really big fan of that replay button.

But let’s think outside the box. The 80s and 90s were ofcourse not the only eras when memorable summer classics were born. Everyone who grew up in the 50s and 60s will probably agree with me. The 50s and 60s aren’t called the golden eras for nothing. It applies to (Old) Hollywood movies and ofcourse music. What would we do without music. To be more specific in this case: what would we do without those lovely vintage summer songs. So, today I felt like digging up soms classic summer songs from the bygone eras.

Ofcourse there were a lot more classic summer songs produced in those eras, but I’ll start with these five. Get your summer refreshment, lay back and relax…

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There is still no cure for the summertime blues


If you like piña coladas, you should listen to this song


Mad Men brought me here. And yes, I do like some Choo Choo and Cha Cha


This classic summer song list is nothing without some jazzy summer vibes


Just close your eyes, imagine a tropical island and this song will do the rest

Image above via Deanne Wardin

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