In a nutshell: I am a firm believer of Vintageology. In my opinion, knowledge about life(style) of the bygone days really adds (more) value to my present life. Vintageology is good for your mental health, mind and your knowledge level rises and rises. I’ll explain it in a bit. Wait for it.
Now this post is not just another glorification of vintage and history. Ok. Maybe it is. Just a teeny tiny little bit. But…it does include that realistic present mindset that you’re used to on this blog. That fascination of the past in combination with staying on present ground is key here. Anyway. Time to hit it off. The advantages of believing in vintageology (and blogging about it):
How vintageology enriches your life
1. Research. For a lot of blogposts I have to do a lot of research. And I don’t mean Wikipedia. Researching means looking at several sources to learn more about a certain …