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In a nutshell: I am a firm believer of Vintageology. In my opinion, knowledge about life(style) of the bygone days really adds (more) value to my present life. Vintageology is good for your mental health, mind and your knowledge level rises and rises. I’ll explain it in a bit. Wait for it.

Now this post is not just another glorification of vintage and history. Ok. Maybe it is. Just a teeny tiny little bit. But…it does include that realistic present mindset that you’re used to on this blog. That fascination of the past in combination with staying on present ground is key here. Anyway. Time to hit it off. The advantages of believing in vintageology (and blogging about it):

How vintageology enriches your life

1. Research. For a lot of blogposts I have to do a lot of research. And I don’t mean Wikipedia. Researching means looking at several sources to learn more about a certain subject, to get your facts straight and in my case to give my views about those facts in a very oriental spice and some chocolate way. I’ve learned so many things during research for my own blogposts. It’s amazing. Seriously. I learn so much, simply by doing what I love and exploring my interests. For example that Wi-Fi connection has its roots in the 1940s. I didn’t know that 10 years ago. Besides that, others learn from me. Also, it’s interesting to see how so many things that are normal today have its roots in the previous century/centuries.

2. Appreciating what you have in the present. Like I explained before: I love history, vintage (fashion) and Old Hollywood movies. However, I also like to mock it every now and then and I love the (not always appropiate) vintage humor section on the internet. But…every joke has some kind of truth. The old days definitely have its flaws and dark pages. Life in the present isn’t perfect ofcourse, but in general we have it pretty good these days. That really makes me appreciate my life in the here and now when I compare it to the past. Not just once a year, but a lot of times a year. Truly appreciating what you have is always the best feelgood therapy you can get.

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3. Discovering. I discover so many new things through social media. When people follow you (or you follow them), you always peak on their profile. Well, at least I do. By doing this I discover a lot of interesting new things like: websites, tips about Old Hollywood movies that I haven’t seen yet, rare pictures of the Golden Hollywood era, retro fashion webshops, great songs of the bygone eras, random pictures of the real vintage lifestyle and last but not least some more retro fashion webshops.

4. Best of both worlds. My favorite actually. Fascinated by the past, with my feet firm on the present ground. I love social media, technological developments and new innovations. (iPhone addict alert). However, I also love the classy times from the past, all the fashion trends that are coming back in the present, Old Hollywood movies. Those Old Hollywood celebrities intrigue me more than present Hollywood stars. Ofcourse, I also blog about them. But hey…I also have my stack of present Hollywood movies and series. So it’s not a oneway past or present street. No, in my street the best (and positive) of these two worlds meet. Not once, but every time.

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5. Inspiration. My fascination for vintage and retro inspired me to blog about it and share my views with others, like you. Do I need to say more?

6. Lifestyle & Fashion. Of course. Women and fashion go very well together as you know. In this case a lot of people are into vintageology and they don’t even know it. When you’re exploring the vintage and retro world actively, you get to know a lot about lifestyle and fashion of the old days. From the then-popular comedies, to the “new” fashion trends every year and of course the fact that smoking was almost a “natural” part of lifestyle back then. In the 60s, people actually wanted to see proof that smoking was unhealthy. Imagine that… Also, remember that men started wearing high heels first? I also would like to get on a 1960s style dancefloor and do the twist by the way.

7. Living vintage & retro encyclopedia. Well, almost. And this walking encyclopedia is still absorbing new old things. If you know what I mean. When someone talks about a (new) development, music, media, movies, random thoughts come to my mind like:
“Oh that’s so 1979.”
“This was invented in the 1950s.”
“They did that before it was cool in 1925.”
“The moonwalk video idea was inspired by Fred Astaire, you know.” (But still massive respect for Michael Jackson).

You catch my drift? However, some things will never change


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