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If you’ve read my “About Me” page, you know that I like to blog about the best and positive aspects of the past without forgetting that I am living in the present and ofcourse I have my frequent trips to Homemade Inspiration town. Sounds like a mouth full right? So how does that look like in real life? Have a peek:

Every now and then I take the Oriental Spice part of my blog literally.


And the chocolate part also.


I frequently give my ode to the pencil skirt.


Waiting on a very vintage railway station is ok.


Sometimes restaurants telepathically know that I like a retro styled cup of tea.


I am still in my Mad Men bubble ofcourse


I randomly bump into Marilyn Monroe every now and then. I bet you have never seen here with a reflection moustache.



This is seriously a daily battle.


I spotted these vintage typewriters in my local department store.


My brains like to produce some spicy food for thought.


Found these during Christmas. Back to my baby “days” (and nights), het gulden tijdperk. Some Dutchies will get nostalgic feelings here.


Hotels occasionally give me vintage soap when I don’t even think about it.


I like to read this interesting vintage-meets-present magazine.


I also like my dose of vintage humor.

Most of the time, the right answer is…;-) #retro #vintage #vintagehumor #vintage_daily #fun #comic #instagood #instadaily

Een foto die is geplaatst door Oriental Spice and Chocolate (@orientalspiceandsomechocolate) op


Say hello to this lovely hosiery in retro style.


Ofcourse I can never get enough of polkadots


Last but not least: I like to go back in time (temporarily), for my dose of Classic Hollywood (glamour).


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