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When you have a Vintage meets Present blog, the past meets present vibes pop up anywhere and anyplace. So here are some random vintage meets present thoughts on a random Monday night:

When you cannot find that amazing Classic Hollywood movie, because it’s so rare even Google can’t find it.

When you’re totally digging the vintage fashion style. But you realise it’s not a good idea to turn up at work like this:

Fay Wray image of Fay Wray via Tom Simpson

When you’re sad, because there are so many different series these days, but there is no other serie like Mad Men. So you keep postponing your Mad Men last season binge-watch activities.

As a follow up on the previous one. If you would work at Netflix, you would know what to do. Retro series are a gap in the market! Also, if they can’t find a producer, you would like to volunteer.

When you believe that once a year, there should be a monthly Classic Hollywood movie festival in the popular cinemas. And not just in the US.

When you’re convinced that women who ever feel the need to do a makeover, should always do a 40s, 50s or 60s style make over. Because literally everyone looks classy and fabulous in a vintage fashion style. Seriously.

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When you also highly encourage a Men-in-Cary-Grant-style makeover. Because if the woman has style, the man has to have it too obviously.

When there is no laptop in the neighbourhood and you quickly want to type a concept vintage blogpost on your very present smartphone. Then this happens for 5 minutes:

iphone waiting error loading no network

there goes your 100-words-a-minute mental blog inspiration…

When you truly believe that everyone who doesn’t like vintage is entitled to their own opinion. Obviously. But you also truly believe that those people are really missing out on fascinating parts of history and efforts that have led to the (luxurious) present.

When you like art, but you like Vintage meets Present art even more…

When you don’t like E-books, but you go for the good old flip-through-pages books. Ofcourse you do want to buy them online.

And last but not least:

When you feel like watching two other Classic Hollywood movies, but the next day is a working day. And sleep is a priority. But then again you believe that watching a Classic Hollywood movie is also a priority.

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