Besame Cosmetics lipstick Red velvet
Vintage meets Present makeup: Besame Cosmetics - lipstick Red velvet

Eight years ago the number one source to find interesting brands (en blogs) was Google. Since a few years the focus has shifted to social media. A few months ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and I saw something that immediately caught my eye and made me think: what a great idea! Why didn’t anyone think of this before? What a gap in the beauty market.

I came across a makeup brand that not only looks great but as I found out along the way, their products are also of high quality. I would actually say it’s an underrated brand. It all starts with the name: Besame. A simple yet effective name. A good name is a great start when it comes to branding. It also made me curious. What kind of brand is this and where did it come from?

Besame Cosmetics was founded in 2004 by Gabriela Hernandez, who has always had a passion for vintage beauty and style. Her vision was to create a makeup brand that brings back the glamour, style and elegance of the old days. Well, I would say mission accomplished!

As a vintage meets present lifestyle entrepreneur, of course I couldn’t resist and I decided to give it a try. I bought a few shades of the Besame’s assortment of red lipsticks. No, you really can’t have too many shades of red. But in the defense of all women who love red lipstick: there are so many shades of red. Got to collect them all!

Vintage meets Present makeup: Besame Cosmetics red lipsticks


What’s so special about this brand? The first thing I noticed was the package. Different than your very classic, but modern Chanel or Dior package. More importantly and of course, a big plus when you like vintage glamour: the package is also in vintage style. Besame brings a little bit of the golden (Hollywood) era back to the present. Well, this package almost makes you buy it because it’s like a nice decoration on your vintage dressing table. I actually didn’t throw the packages away yet, because it looks so nice on the dressing table. However, I said almost for a reason because obviously I wanted to know something about the quality of the products. Appearance is nothing if there is no quality content.

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Vintage meets Present makeup: Besame Cosmetics - Apricot Cream Rouge review


This is very interesting for everyone who wants to buy animal-friendly makeup. Besame does not test their products on animals and only uses natural ingredients. Besides that, Besame is also suitable for sensitive skin. Also, on their website Besame ensures that all their products are Vegan, except the lipsticks which contain beeswax.


I’ve bought three shades of red (probably more to come) and a cream rouge. The quality of these products is impressive. The most interesting thing about the lipsticks is that the colors suit everyone. Literally everyone. I have bought the follow shades: Red Velvet, Red Hot Red and Carmine.

Red Velvet is an intense red wine color. Red Hot Red is a warm Red color and Carmine is an orange-red color.  Each shade of red of the Besame assortment is a recreation of a shade of red of a certain mid-century era. For example, Red Hot Red is a typical 1950s shade or red (1959). Carmine on the other hand, is a typical 1930s shade of red (1931) and Red Velvet is a typical 1940s shade of red (1946). The Apricot cream rouge is a warm apricot color that suits everyone and you can use it in combination with every shade of red lipstick. All the colors suit me with my darker skin color, but I’ve seen ladies with all shades of skin colors and these lipsticks shades also suit them perfectly. It probably has to do with the fact that these lipsticks are incredibly pigmented.  TheIf you’re interested in different looks of the Besame lipsticks, check Instagram: #besamecosmetics.

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Vintage meets Present makeup: Besame Cosmetics - lipstick Carmine reviewBesame Cosmetics, lipstick shade: Carmine 

Last but not least, let’s give it up for the staying power of this brand. The lipsticks stay put all day (unless you eat your pizza like a hungry bear of course). You can limit touch ups to a maximum of once a day. Same goes for the Apricot cream blush. It stays put all day. I did apply the lipsticks the classic way: line your lips with a lip pencil and then apply the lipstick with a lip brush. When it comes to prices, the makeup products of Besame fall in the same category as Chanel and Dior, but I believe the quality of this (not so well known) brand is even better than the popular mainstream brands.  You can buy Besame Cosmetics on their website and several other retro webshops. If you’re living in Europe and you want to buy the lipstick in Europe (online): Check the stockist list here.

Besame Cosmetics, lipstick shade: Red Velvet
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Vintage meets Present makeup: Besame Cosmetics - lipstick Red Velvet review

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  1. Steph
    Steph says:

    I love Besame! I can’t get enough of the cherry red lipstick and my mum has stolen my Red hot red from my makeup bag!
    It’s so frustrating that they seem to have got rid of their UK stockist as it is a nightmare trying to get anything else without ridiculous import charges (although probably a good thing as I’m trying to not shop!)

    • Oriental Spice and some Chocolate
      Oriental Spice and some Chocolate says:

      Haha aww your mam and you have the same classic lipstick taste ;-). Ah really? I also bought my lipsticks at some UK/Europe online shops. I did know that the assortment of wasn’t restocked anymore. Indeed, it’s hard to buy things somewhere else because of those incredible import prices. I’ll keep an eye on EU shops who still have Besame in their assortment!


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