Vintage meets Present: Fascinating historical videos on Youtube

There is something about the introduction tune of historical videos and news bulletins. It always has this typical very nostalgic sound and it makes me anxious for the rest of the newsbulletin. It gives me that you-don’t-want-to-miss-this feeling. I have the same with introduction┬átunes of Old Hollywood movies. I love it. That’s why I’m always intrigued whenever I see old (news) videoclips. You can imagine that I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that Vintage meets Present was about to be taken literally.
Even if you’re not a vintage (hollywood) lover like, there is always something about the past. Historical events and moments that shaped the world of today are always interesting to watch. Maybe you’ve read about it, but a few months back, the Associated Press has started adding their historical video archive on Youtube.
Interesting historical updates that you’ve always read about (if weren’t born in those days) come to …