vintage fashion 1930s

vintage fashion 1930s style

Vintage lifestyle is more popular than ever these days. And rightly so. A lot of times the focus is on heydays of vintage Hollywood and fashion: the 1950s and 1960s. And again…rightly so, because – in my opinion – those were the peak days of feminine fashion. Also, focussing on the positive things of the old days is always a good idea.

On this blog you see a lot of my fascination for the 50s and 60s, but also frequent sidesteps to the other eras. Remember the vintage fashion serie? Today it’s time to visit the 1930s!

Put that egg on your face

If you follow me on instagram or facebook, you’ve probably noticed that I received a very interesting birthday present. A book with articles and recipes of the 1930s. A time where the dresses were very long with an open back, because in the 1930s sunbathing became popular and ofcourse you had to show off your tanned back. Want a beautiful face? Put an egg on it. Also as a real salmon fan I want to know some good old salmon recipes of the 1930s. Let’s not forget to have a healthy lifestyle: Who needs the gym? Housework is the ultimate workout! Definitely in a time without the luxury of a dishwasher or washing machine.

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So forget the glamours, marie claires, cosmopolitans and every other lifestyle magazine of the present: It’s time to turn back the clock 85 years. Below you can see a few excerpts of the book: What every woman should know. Lifestyle lessons of the 1930s. Vintage 1930s meet the present!

Take a good look at your present, very modern washing machine and cherish it



Vanity is of all ages of course

1930s vanity and beauty


The slimming exercise of the 1930s

loose weight vintage style

Remember that oldskool tips (Granny knows best) always work!

vintage lifestyle tips 1930s

Don’t mess with spaghetti


Cooking with salmon

vintage salmon food recipes

Capes, longer skirts…1930s Paris style

vintage 1930s paris style

The fashion item that deserves a permanent comeback (and not only during Winter)

winter fashion vintage 1930s

vintage winter style 1930s

The most important question of the December month?

vintage christmas december presents - december vintage cadeautjes

Put an egg on it

1930s beauty tips

Busy women: this one is for us

Busy women lifestyle tips

Hands up for the winter (well the winter can wait a little while, the fashion can come)

 vintage winter style 1930s


And finally: Put your tanned back into it

vintage 1930s fashion style

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  1. Anna
    Anna says:

    I really enjoyed this article. So unique. I love reading interesting history stories and facts. Also if it is combined with beauty, so this was so fun to read. Good job girl.


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