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A few days ago, I received a beautiful dress of retro brand Dolly and Dotty*. A very classic black and white striped swing dress. Obviously I wanted to take a stroll in this dress. Preferably a vintage, glamour stroll on a very casual day. This dress was too beautiful for an ordinary selfie. No, this dress deserved much more than that. So with my co-creative partners in crime & photographers Fleurtje Bloem & Esther Schaafsma, I decided to give this dress what it deserved. A full-blown vintage glamour photoshoot on a casual, yet stormy day. Curious about the pictures and a discount code so you can stroll around in your own Dolly and Dotty dress? Don’t go anywhere and read along!


First things first. For a photoshoot you need to have an idea about the styling. This is when a vintage gal like myself can go totally wild. When I want a dress to stand out, I always put my hair up. If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while, you know why: #longhairdocare! Next to that, I really wanted to wear long gloves. I still don’t understand why gloves ever went out of style in the mainstream fashion world. It always looks so classy and it’s the perfect way to add some (vintage) glamour vibes to an outfit with the least amount of effort. Which is nice, because this vintage gal usually doesn’t have all time in the world to spend on dressing up. It also gives you a smartphone break, because nobody has invented touchproof long gloves yet.

Dolly and Dotty Aurora dress - balcony scene

Same goes voor vintage hats and fascinators. The look that I had in mind, would not be finished without a nice vintage inspired hat/fascinator. I picked a black and white striped fascinator of Vandalized with Love, that was eagerly waiting in my vintage hat department. It was a perfect match with the dress and the fascinator lived happily ever after on my head. Well, until I took it off.

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I kept the jewelry on a minimal, because the gloves, hat and obviously the dress would be the real attention grabbers. Pearls are a this girl’s best friend, so I wore my favorite pearl necklace and small pearls in my ears. Next to that, I wore may favorite I black t-strap pumps and as a finishing touch I watched the world that day through my white cat-eye sunglasses.

Dolly and Dotty dress_Hotel des Indes The Hague


I took this dress out last Saturday. Dutchies may recall that Saturday was a day with a lot of wind. With gusts of wind like that you would think that I had my share of Marilyn Monroe moments, because I was wearing a swing dress. I was actually dissapointed, because I only had two of those moments. And the dress didn’t go completely up. At a certain moment, we were waiting patiently for the wind to take my dress to a higher level. But…it didn’t happen. So I can conclude that this dress is definitely windproof! This may have something to do with the material of the dress. It’s not too heavy, but also not too light.

You may think that my fascinator would definitely be gone with the wind in a minute. Once again, the wind left me and my fascinator alone, so I can conclude that my fascinator endured the windproof test. I didn’t even have to hold on to it. Which is great when you live in the Netherlands, where the wind will usually annoy you for at least 150 days a year.

Dolly and Dotty dress_The Hague_vintage glamour

1950s or 1960s?

Although this dress is a very 1950s inspired swing dress, it’s perfectly suitable for a 1960s scene. As we were were walking in the centre of The Hague, we bumped on a lovely French looking icecream and macaron shop. This led to my own Breakfast at Tiffany’s scene:

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Dolly and Dotty black and white dress_ Breakfast at Tiffany's moment

As you can see, this dress is suitable to achieve a vintage look of multiple eras. The dress has a very classic French vibes print, so you can go with the 1950s or 1960s flow. Or a little bit of both. This look turned heads as I was strolling down the streets and I was complemented about the dress and look. The marketing woman in me is also wide awake in the weekend and it dawned on me once again, that vintage glamour or ‘going back in time’ is the perfect way to stand out of the crowd.

Get your own Dolly and Dotty dress with discount!

Want to twirl in your own Dolly and Dotty dress? Or surprise your girlfriend with a nice retro dress (which is always a good idea). Well, you can and also with some nice discount. Visit dollyanddotty.co.uk, and use discount code KIRANDOLLY20 at the checkout. If you’re an early bird you can get your Dolly and Dotty dress with 20% discount. Happy shopping!

Dolly and Dotty dress - The Hague

All pictures are made with an iPhone XR. Because doing a photoshoot with an iPhone? Yes you can!


*This blog is part of a collaboration with Dolly and Dotty.

Photographers: Fleurtje Bloem (Instagram + Facebook) & Esther Schaafsma

Styling by me
Dress:  Dolly and Dotty – Aurora Striped Two-Tone Dress in Black/White
White gloves: local accessory shop
Hat/Fascinator: Vandalised With Love
Shoes: Van Haren

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