There we are again with the seventh episode of the retro fashion serie: the flower power 1970s. When you think about the 1970s what comes to mind? I immediately think about freedom, hippies, men with long hair, wide pants, platform boots and ofcourse DISCO.

The 1970s era was once again an era of revolution. It all started in 1969. Remember that I talked about Mods in my retro fashion 1960s article? Well in the 1970s Mods and hippies kind of blended together. The 1970s were once again an era of very bright and vibrant colors and short dresses. The hippie style of the late 1960s inspired the popular boho look. So we went from short skirts, to long loose maxi dresses and tunics made of natural materials. The men version of the boho look included bright colored shirts with flower patterns. It was also time to loosen up. Literally, because flared pants were getting wider and wider. Until it peaked into the bell bottom pants, from the mid-1970s until then end of the 1970s. Men, women…everyone wore them.

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Besides the boho dresses, the magic word for the 1970s era, was: suit up. Jumpsuits, leisure suits, pant suits..any suit you like. For men and women. For women also knitted pullovers became popular. And we still like those in the winter… Hats and gloves were so not 1970s, which is a big difference if we compare it to fashion of the 1940s-1960s era.

When  it comes to party outfits the motto was: “More is More”. In this case it couldn’t get too shiny or shimmery when you were dancing the night away at your local discotheque. Another interesting development: hair became long and natural for men and women, especially from the mid-1970s until 1979.

Actually there is an interesting red line here. As you can read above a lot of fashion trends applied to both men and women. Fashion for men and women was kind of equal, which was a huge revolution compared to the previous eras. They both adored the bell bottom pants look. And they both wore platform heels. Yes, that’s correct: men wore heels again…:

Try to buy the platform heels on the left for a man nowadays

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14140063281_c75b757a89_zPaul Townsend – 


No skinny jeans ahead for the following 30 years | Australian Women’s Weekly, 1975

8499014148_46aef4732a_zBess Georgette –


D.I.S.C.O…. | late 1970s

DISCOSacheverelle –


Warm, long winter coats | From L’officiel de la mode, 1971

14137030551_e2262976ac_zBess Georgette –


Bags and glasses | Australian Women’s Weekly 1974

bagsBess Georgette –


Flower power…| 1976

410px-1970s_girl_with_flowerEd Uthman –


Easy piecy | Mid 1970s

600xNxstrange-funny-and-odd-fashion-from-1970s-6.jpg.pagespeed.ic.IzKTLNZgyfJoe Wolf –


Nowadays we have swagg, in the 1970s they had flagg…| 1970s


Strike a flare | 1970s


Make me up | 1977

covergirl Classic Film –


Because every toe deserves some colored attention | early 1970s

toe socksMo – 


Colorful patterns | Mid-1970s

12651649494_38ce556638_zMo –


Flared pants | 1970s


Colorful | Early 1970s

7998874798_f1b42b5c27_z-1Mo –


Boho chic | 1970s


Can it get any wider than this? | Australian Women’s Weekly, 1974


Warm coats | Early 1970s

coatsMo –

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