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When you are a woman and you are looking at lovely fashion looks, you want to own them all. And fast. So in this hi-tech society, I still feel like there is something missing. Something which I would like to call instant-display-post. Meaning you click (or swipe), you pay and then it magically appears in your house three seconds later. I will keep dreaming about this invention. However, I do appreciate the nowadays webshop era. Because some years ago there were not as many webshops as today. In fact, online shopping was not even that popular. Can you imagine? Today it’s an important part of lifestyle. Especially when you’re looking for unique (fashion) items.

If you follow this blog (and my facebook community) closely, you will not be surprised when I say that I adore the vintage feminine look. Dots, high waisted tight pencil skirts and feminine bodyhugging dresses are always for keeps. I believe that the best retro inspired fashion can not be found in the standard popular webshops. So instead of Zalando or H&M, online retro boutiques are saved in my favorites. Obviously I’m always interested in exploring new vintage and retro webshops, next to the ones that I already know. Recently I discovered a new webshop with a lot of beautiful vintage inspired fashion: The Empire Elegance shop. The best thing about it: I haven’t seen the fashion items from this shop anywhere else. So once again, I have a good excuse to buy some unique and affordable new vintage fashion…Now, you should now that a vintage webshop is not just a shop. Behind every vintage webshop, there is an interesting story and I like to share the story behind Empire Elegance with you.

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Once upon a time, there was this little girl with a fascination for graceful and elegant clothes. Her name: Cerise Noire. As an adolescent she looked up to femme fatale icons like Bettie Page and Dita Von Teese. At the age of 18, she decided to get into the theatre and burlesque world. It was a whole new world of fabrics, colors and class that pleasantly surprised her. During this period she redefined her own style and developed a clear vision on fashion.

Cerise wanted to share her vision on fashion with others. That’s why she decided to start her own webshop in the beginning of 2014. A new concept started to develop: Empire Elegance. Empire Elegance is about the best of two important worlds: authentic vintage fashion items combined with accessoires and unique items of the present. Besides that, Empire Elegance aims to make every woman feel confident and feminine in an Empire Elegance garment. And yes, she literally means every woman, no matter what shape or size. Which is why plus size fashion is also an important focus because she feels that it’s still too invisible in the nowadays fashion market.

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What I really like about the Empire Elegance concept is that it aims at all women: from small size to plus size. So no divide and conquer between different sizes here. Which is very refreshing in the present fashion market ánd society. Lastly a special message for the men who read this. If you have a girlfriend/wife/sister/friend who is into vintage and retro and you don’t understand why she keeps buying more clothes than her closet can handle: A lady can never have too much pencil skirts, sassy feminine dresses, retro tops, accessoires or shoes. Seriously. Never. She just needs a little more space and a walk-in-closet

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Empire Elegance


Empire Elegance

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