musthave lipsticks for every red lipstick addict - besame cosmetics red velvet
Top 5 must-have lipsticks for every red lipstick addict - Besame Cosmetics red velvet

Looking at my dressing table, I can see my red lipstick collection is always growing. I haven’t hit the 50 shades yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if I actually will have 50 shades of red some day. The best part: I actually use them all on a weekly/daily base. I can imagine that people may wonder: Why would anyone need more than one shade of red lipstick. Aren’t they all the same, but just from various brands and obviously a different price category? Well, no. Let me explain to you why and read about my top 5 must-have lipsticks if you’re a red lipstick fan.

Looking at fashion and outfits, there is always a particular shade of red that suits your outfit, personality or mood better. If you wear warm tones, warm reds can be more suitable. However if you’re in a royal blue mood, a cherry red tone can be the best choice for your end look. It probably won’t surprise you that I don’t prefer the “nude” make up look. I have a very colorful wardrobe. I love bright, bold colors. They also suit my skin color very well. Spring, Summer or Winter. It doesn’t matter. Colorful is my middle name in any season. That applies to both fashion and make up. Make up, in this case red lipstick, emphasizes a certain radiance, mood or just those good old 20s/30s/40s/50s/60s/70s retro vibes that I like. This is also a valid excuse to use when people are wondering what you’re doing with so many red lipsticks. It’s an even greater excuse to buy some more red lipsticks.

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Top 5 must-have lipsticks for every red lipstick addict - Besame Cosmetics retro Carmine

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I always carry three different shades of red in my makeup bag. I’d like to have a few options open or mix shades  every now and then when I am on the road. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you can count on it, that my pictures and selfies include red lips 9 out of 10 times. When it comes down to it, there are always a few shades that I use very often. I am a big fan of warm undertones, which also has to do with my skin color. But…I also have a few shades with a more cool undertone, because I believe it suits my outfit (or my mood) better.

Also, I don’t obey the rules that brands apply when it comes to shades for blondes / red heads or brunettes. I just use every shade that appeals to me. I really dislike lipsticks that fade in one or two hours. Waste of my money and I am really a maximum-once-a-day-touch-up person when it comes to daily make up. I don’t feel like going to the toilet or check the mirror every two hours to check whether my make up is still there. Also, it’s not very convenient when you’re on the road or at work. All the lipsticks have an incredible lasting power on my lipsticks. I only have to do a touch up once a day. With some of the lipsticks it’s not even necessary, even after having dinner. Unless of course my  dinner includes a pizza. Note: I use a lip balm that doesn’t glide very smoothly (Dr. Organic, Manuka Honey) under every lipstick I use. This prevents the lipstick from sliding off easily.

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So here is my top 5 favorite lipsticks:

1. L’Oreal Paris – Color Riche Intense – Doutzen Pure Red


2. L’Oreal Paris – Color Riche – Red Passion

3. Besame Cosmetics: Red velvet, Carmine and Red Hot Red. Yes this is a 3-in-1 favorite ;-). I dedicated a blogpost to this brand. In short: these creamy lipsticks are heavily pigmented, longlasting and…animal friendly. Check this blogpost to read more about the brand.



Red Hot Red

Red Velvet


4. L’Oreal Paris – Color Riche – Orange Fever

5. Max Factor – Colour Collection, Sunbronze. (right picture)

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  1. jeapiebel
    jeapiebel says:

    Prachtige lipstick en het staat je ook heel mooi. Ik vind je look ook echt authentiek, de bloem in je haar is ook schattig. Ik draag de laatste tijd minder rood . Wel vind ik dat er genoeg mooie tinten rood zijn.

  2. Melike
    Melike says:

    Ik ben ook echt een red lips fan! Ze staan je allemaal super mooi! Ik denk dat mijn favoriet wel de Red Velvet is. De naam alleen al!

    • Oriental Spice and some Chocolate
      Oriental Spice and some Chocolate says:

      Hmm ik denk eigenlijk dat jij fel rood heel goed kan hebben. Ook als ik naar je andere foto’s kijk! Ik denk dat (fel) cherry rood jou erg mooi zou staan. Net als klassiek rood (de kleur Red Hot Red bijvoorbeeld). Dit is een “neutrale” rode kleur en die staat echt iedereen!


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