oriental spice and some chocolate

Today on the menu: Some homemade spicy quote soup to spice up your day or night.

A chance doesn’t always ring twice.An outspoken “NO” can be a hidden “YES” for something better.Close doors for those who aren’t worth it, open windows for those who make an effort.

About those thousands of people you’ll meet in your life: the ones who seduce your heart and mind are for keeps.

Keep that inner sparkle alive and kicking, even around those who like it dull. You never know when one might see the light.
When the heart starts to wander into the unknown, don’t forget to take the brains with you.

If you’re waiting for the perfect time…It’s NOW o’clock.
If you stop wishing about what you could have, you have more time to want what you already got.If the highway to your goal is unavailable, take that sideway…it takes a little longer, but pleasant surprises are around the corner.Good times end in a split second. Good memories last until eternity.

The roads to succes and happiness are always under construction. By you.

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