The Samantha Jones of the 1930s

via Lou – Wolfm49 | Creative Commons
You know those days when you feel like watching a good old serie that you already watched a hundred times? Well, last week I had one of those days. I felt like watching Sex and the city again. There were two things that went through my head while I was watching. And one thought was new…

It’s all about the good and sincere friends.
Samantha cracks me up again. Brain flash. Hmm…she reminds me of… Mae West!

Be Yourself
When it comes to women, the present and the past there is one red line: They often care (too much) about what others think of them, their options, their life etcetera. Being yourself is key. Being yourself without caring what others think is the ultimate power. Check out my article about the Be Yourselfer.
We all remember the most popular character of the serie Sex and the City: Samantha Jones. And with …