Bing Crosby A white Christmas movie 1954, Classic Christmas movie

Bing Crosby A white Christmas movie 1954, Classic Christmas movie

It’s that time of the year again. The time when a certain someone will tell you a little story about how he gave his heart away last Christmas (will he ever learn?) and someone else only wants you for Christmas, which is nice but she told you that so many times. You should know that by now.

Yes, it’s December again and the most wonderful time of the year is coming soon. In my perception, Christmas is also the most nostalgic time of the year. We watch (old) movies with our family and friends and bring up memories. 90s kids who always watch Home Alone as a Christmas tradition, raise your hands! Also, we love to listen to listen to the (Dutch) top 2000 songs of all time. With a lot of classic hits and memories. Nostalgia all around.

December is obviously also the Christmas songs replay month. Now when it comes to Christmas songs, there is so much choice, but there are so many overplayed Christmas songs. that start getting annoying after hearing it three times (or just once…). There are two overplayed songs that are ok with me. If we go back in time  to the 80s, we find The Pretenders and their Christmas song 2000 miles, and if we go to the 70s, Jose Feliciano salutes you with Feliz Navidad. These songs have been replayed by me so many times and I still like them. But let’s go a little further in history today and visit the 1950s and 1960s Christmas section with songs that you may haven’t heard before or haven’t heard in a while. The Christmas songs of these eras always give me the ultimate nostalgic and real Christmas vibes. It doesn’t matter how often I play these songs, I never get tired of them.

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So I’ve made my own little Classic Christmas songs playlist. The oldies-but-goldies-that deserve-to-be-overplayed playlist:

What’s an oldies-but-goldies Christmas list without this one from Elvis:


Some great Merry Christmas blues…And take that great blues part seriously. Incredible instrumental parts.


I-I-aaaai-aaaaaaai-aaaai…am dreaming of a White Christmas. Not the original version, (the most covered Christmas song of all time), but more like the dudu-dududu rhythm and blues sing-a-long version (true story, when I was writing this blogpost). And yes, once again if you’re a 90s kid you know this version from Home Alone.



You know this song from Home Alone, if you’re a 90s kid.


All time classic. No more words needed.


Santa Claus got stuck in my chimney boo-hoo-hoo boo-hoo-hoo…The funny Santa song.


A classic soulful Christmas sleigh ride.


Jimmy Charles – Santa won’t be blue. The Christmas-meets-the-Twist-song.


This song was officially not a Christmas song, but for obvious reasons, this song does remind you of cold December days.


There are almost no ballads in this. But I couldn’t keep you from this one. Ella Fitzgerald at her finest.

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This one is perfect if there are children around.


And there he is again. Rock ‘n roll baby. Also when it’s Christmas.


Last, but not least: Not an official Christmas, but it’s probably the perfect song if you suddenly find yourself standing under the mistletoe…

Picture: Screenshot I made from the song White Christmas (from the similar named movie)

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