inspirational quote about mistakes

Every day of your life you leave a trail of choices with or without mistakes. Today might have been a good day or it might have been a bad day. Tomorrow you might get lucky or maybe you won’t. Next week you might make some good choices and next month a (few) mistake(s). Or you mix it all up in a cocktail of good and bad choices in one day. Anything can happen.Keep in mind that the ones that are making good choices today, will also make mistakes. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but next week, next month or a few years from now. Because everyone gets hit by the mistakes missile every now and then.

The bad news: you may experience a bad moment, a bad day, a few bad days or more…

The good news: one day in the near future you will either laugh at your mistakes, have learned from them or they have led you to another, better direction. How long it takes before you go from the bad news to the good news category? It all depends on your state of mind.What to do to avoid mistakes?
Stand still. Don’t think. Don’t act. Don’t BE.
Quite frankly sounds like a very empty life to me…So go ahead and make that mistake for another lesson learned. Because next time you will think better, act better and you have become a better version of yourself.
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