mental scales

When I say scales, you probably think about a healthy physical weight or balance.
Especially balance is important, not just physically but also mentally. When you think about your life: how much weight do you put on the positive experiences and how much on the negative experiences? Wild guess, but there won’t be any balance because the negativity tips the scales.

In fact…most people give more “weight” to the negative experiences. Now (unfortunately), some people go through very negative experience in life which have a great impact on their life. And in that case it’s logical to give more weight to the negative experiences. On the other hand roughly said, you have the “average” person who’s had a normal childhood, with a roof over his head, educated, a (loving family), with the conveniences of the modern Western world and freedom. The funny thing is that the people who’ve had very bad experiences or have less are more likely to give more weight to the positive things in their life.

Just think about it…Every person will experience good and bad things in life. How many articles in magazines give you tips on positive thinking? How many people seek for tips to be “happier”. Apparently it’s hard for people to appreciate the good and positive things in life or they take them for granted. On the other hand, bad experiences automatically stick into your mind and they keep sticking there while fading out the good experiences. And just like that…your mental scales are totally out of balance.

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The secret to keep you mental scales in balance? Attitude. It’s really all about attitude.
If you’re experiencing good things: Don’t take it for granted. Enjoy the ride, make a mental photograph and put it in your memory archive.
If you’re experiencing bad things: You have to go through it. Learn from it, but always keep in mind that it won’t last forever.

Next time you’re looking at scales, don’t forget your mental scales. You can’t always control the things happening in your life, but controlling your attitudeYes you can!

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