These days you’re getting an overload of information about healthy food, healthy living, healthy lifestyle etcetera. Which is obviously important if you want to live a long life with as less health issues as possible.
It’s actually a cliché, but so true: you gotta work for everything worth having. Being healthy is actually a luxury today, but the good part is that you can control it yourself for about 80%. You just have to figure out what suits your lifestyle, because that’s the only way you can maintain it for a long period.

I’m actually a pretty healthy person.

Exercise: Check. I’m not a gym person. I’ve tried it twice but me and the gym…it’s just never going to work out.
Not too much fast food or food with unhealthy ingredients: Check. just a hint the little things can make a big change. Like using olive oil instead of any other oil.
No smoking and not too much drinking: Double Check. I’m like a 3-times-in-25+ years smoker and a below average social drinker
Watching the the Dr. Oz show: Triple check. because he gives so much great tips that you can apply easily in your life. And he teaches you things about health in a pleasant way.
No stress: Well that is pretty much impossible, because everyone deals with stressful situations. But I’m an optimistic person so: Check

But, when things like chocolate are flirting with me, I can be seduced easily. Everyone has his own weak spot in the health department. But you know I’m a the-glass-is-always-half-full person. So I have my ways to find the healthy in unhealthy:

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…Strawberries. With whipped cream. But the strawberries are with plenty.
...Eating chocolate cookies the afternoon before you do Zumba. Cause you’ll burn those calories in the evening.
Running (on high heels) to the bus stop,  can be seen as a morning work out
Taking the stairs instead of the elevator. To get a double chocolate muffin
…Eating some dark chocolate to get even with the milk chocolate
Watching sport (the Olympics) is also a sport activity, I mean the word “sport” is involved
…I laugh a lot. Sometimes I laugh till I feel my abdominal muscles. So laughing out loud can also be considered as an abdominal muscle training.

You know what I mean ;)?

Moral of the story: Try to be as healthy as you can and choose a lifestyle that suits you. And for those unhealthy moments: find the healthy in unhealthy! Oh and don’t forget: laughing out loud, laughing your ass of and laughing till you awaken your abdonimal muscles is very VERY good for your health.

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