We all know the normal deja vu: when you’re in a situation and you have the strong feeling that you’ve already experienced the situation (or had the experience) before.

Then we have the Déjà – Definitely- Vu…;). It occurs when you don’t just have the feeling, but you know that you’re in a situation that you’ve experienced before in the past.

Even been in this sort of a situation?

It’s kinda extraordinary actually. Getting into an exact same situation, not once but twice. And I’m obviously not talking about doing the same groceries in the same supermarkt every week…;). I’m referring tot the kind of situations that you’ve experienced before and which can change your life not knowing if it will end the way you want it to.

So what do you do in these kind of situations? It depends on how it ended the first time. If it ended well, it’s a piece of cake: Just do the same thing you did the first time. If it didn’t end well, it’s slightly different…First of all: you have to know the reason of the bad ending and then you have to figure out how to make a better ending this time. Which is unfortunately not a piece of cake. Especially when there are other people involved…

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Situations (and people) can be a blessing or a lesson. It’s a good thing that you’ve learned your lesson, the first time it happened. (Well…lets hope you have learned your lesson!). So now, you know what to look out for. Careful though: Don’t get caught up in the “looking out” part or you’ll might miss the blessing this round.

That’s the good news. There is actually only good news about the Deja -Definitely- Vu. You’re really lucky when this phenomenon happens to you. You’ll get another chance and second chances are rare

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