It’s kinda ironic how people need to remind theirselves that tomorrow is another day. A day filled with new chances. On the other hand we automatically fall in the lap of the day that never comes: the past. Particularly the negative events of the past with a happy ending. We know that day will never come. But, “what if…”

We live in the here and now. But after a second, day, week and/or month “the here and now” is a part of your personal history. Which exist of memories. Everything you do will lead to memories. Good memories and bad memories. Good memories are taken for granted. Bad memories almost always leads to rethinking the past over and over again and this time with a happy ending. The day that never comes…

Also you have people who try to change another person. You see that all the time in relationships for example. Meanwhile making themselves and the other person miserable. It’s an illusion to think that someday you’ll succeed in changing a person. Besides that, you shouldn’t want to change another person. The moment the thought of changing a person occurs, is actually the moment to walk away.

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Last but not least, we have the events we can’t control. Events that (at some point) will happen to anyone, simply because it’s part of life. And those are the events that eventually remind us that the days that never come are unlimited. You can create them over and over again in your mind. But there are only so many tomorrows…

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