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great character and personality blogpost

Two weeks ago, I started the history of makeup serie with the history of eyeliner. Today it’s time for the second episode: red lipstick. My favorite! So let’s start with my personal red lipstick history. Read more

history of eyeliner with Oriental Spice and some Chocolate

history of eyeliner with Oriental Spice and some Chocolate
After my personal ode to flower power, I realised that there is more where that came from. It’s time to make a few historical trips to the makeup world. Which means: another blog serie! These historical makeup trips include a little bit of personal history and a lot of worldwide history. Let’s hit it off with the first episode: eyeliner / kohl. Read more

hairflowers collage tropisch boho chic

Remember my post about trademarks? Everyone has their own trademarks, even when you’re not aware of them. Your trademarks are not only limited to appearance. How you behave, how you think…personality is key. However, today I am talking about personal trademarks in appearance. One of my own appearance trademarks to me more specific. Oriental Spice Red Lips and some Chocolate Hairflowers pretty much sums it up. I will not talk about the red lip(stick) today, maybe another time. I do want to talk to you about flowers. I wear them a lot and in every season. Read more