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The oneliner “Good things come to those who wait”, never appealed to me. How does that work anyway? You just sit around and wait and then suddenly you’ll get smacked with all the things you want? Only in Hollywood (movies) or your dreams. Besides that: if something is worth it, you always have to work for it. That applies to everything. From a great job and good friendships to a nice house and a stable relationship. It’s all part of the continuous work-hard-for-it game.

While you are working very hard for example to get a great job, a little thing called impatience comes looking around the corner. Because you actually want it like…right now. Right now isn’t always on the menu, so you have to work harder. The thing is: if you believe that you’ll end up where you want to be, you will. Because where there is a will, there is a way. In this case your impatience will be your motivation.

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Een minuut geleden is al verleden tijd

Vandaag is alweer morgen

Volgende week vrijdag is alweer bijna geweest

Later als ik groot ben is nu

Nu is over 20 jaar vroeger…