A trip to Neverland

There is something about Disney movies. You love the movies as a kid and they have a special place in your nostalgic heart when you’re all grown up. Remember when Mufasa died (Lion King)? Or when Dombo was being teased with his big ears? Then all of the sudden he had super powers and he could fly. Instant karma. You probably also remember Peter Pan and his Neverland. The (Disney) film version of this story was first published in 1923 and became a huge success. The rest is history. Until this day, Peter Pan is used as a name for a person who (always) has a youthful appearance. The term Neverland is used to refer to a fantasy land. A nice, fun place to forget about your worries. Another world. The one thing that can spoil your relaxed state of mind is Captain Hook. But he never wins, Peter Pan conquers every time.

Independency is everything…

I was brought up with the following: Always make sure that you’re financially independent. I totally agree with that. When you earn your own money, you can spend it however you like. You never have to explain why, when and how much you spend to anyone but yourself. It’s also really annoying if you constantly have to ask someone else for money or their creditcard, especially when you’re an adult
Some people still live under a rock and expect that certain women are going to marry a wealthy man. Totally missing out on the following: would women nowadays really educate ourself and make a career to marry a rich person, sit back and…be bored? They obviously haven’t learned one of life’s key lessons: the ultimate richness is being happy and healthy…physically AND mentally.
And don’t underestimate emotional independency. Some people always need confirmation from someone else that they are great, have good skills or whatsoever. This has a lot to do with self confidence. …

Allergie voor de winter

March 7, 2010 | Lifestyle | 1 comment

Wat zijn de symptomen?
– Ernstige behoefte hebben aan het houden van een winterslaap
– Sterke drang om te emigreren naar een tropisch eiland
– Je kan geen sneeuw meer zien
– Het onbegrijpelijk vinden dat mensen vrijwillig op wintersport gaan
– Je afvragen waarom er vanaf december overal lentekleding te koop is, terwijl het overduidelijk nog winter is. (Zoeken naar een warme trui is als zoeken naar een naald in de hooiberg)
– De eerste gedachte die in je opkomt als je om 5.45u opstaat: wanneer kan ik weer gaan slapen?
– Last hebben van een winterhumeur: zodra je ‘s ochtends buiten staat in een temperatuur van 0 tot -7 graden, daalt ook je humeur tot 0 / -7 graden

Vooruitzicht op genezing:

Zodra de lente arriveert verdwijnen alle klachten als sneeuw voor de zon. Officieel is dat rond 21 maart. Maarrr, omdat maart zijn staart heeft kan het genezingsproces enige vertraging oplopen.