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When I say challenges, what is the first thing that pops up in your mind? To have and to hold a healthier lifestyle for example? Or maybe to do something you’ve never done before like…bungeejumping? When we are talking about physical or other “tangible” challenges, a lot of people will be up for it. But what about the mental challenges? The amount of people that will start with a mental challenge is far less than physical challenges. The ones that will try to keep challenging themselves mentally? Even fewer. However, keep in mind that everyday, everyone is “seeking” for happiness. Isn’t it ironic? So, let’s hear it for the mental challenges. Because what’s within you will influence every action on the outside.

Welcome to the 100happydays challenge. Or in this case, my 100happydays challenge. Although I am someone who already has a positive state of mind, I really wanted to take up this challenge. So how does this challenge work? It’s quite simple actually. For the following 100 days, you make a picture of something that makes you happy on that specific day and you post this picture on a social platform of your own choice. You will use the following hashtag: #100happydays. With this hashtag it’s easy to track your 100 moments of happiness. I used my @SpiceChocolate twitteraccount. What do you win or gain? Long lasting positive vibes.

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