Mad Men Don Draper
Mad Men Don Draper

The last weeks, I’ve been thinking about the fun I had last year, when I started watching Mad Men, while everyone else was already at the last season. I don’t know where I was, but somehow I wasn’t aware of the existence of Don Draper & co in 2007.
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From 2015 with love vintage

From 2015 with love - Pinupstyle vintage glamour black and white

Remember the beginning of 2015? As you may have read, I am from the anti-new year’s resolutions movement. In the first days of January, I wanted to do something new, which included some food for thought. So last year in January, I decided to write a letter to the Future Me in 2016. I explained how you can do this and my arguments about doing this in this blogpost. Read more

Oriental Spice and some Chocolate red lips red outfit

Sincerity oriental spice and some chocolate

Hello. Goodmorning.
How are you?

Enjoy your evening

Congratulations on your promotion/new job/new house/…

Nice to have you back

I missed you

I am so happy for you

Good Luck. Wish you the best!

Good for you!

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