Quote Zilla

It’s quote time!
I love reading quotes and making them up myself. So here are a few of my own:
If you don’t fight for what you want, don’t complain for what you’ve lost
Instead of doubts and “What Ifs” consider “Why the hell not”
A short-sighted mind equals an empty life
Too many people are spending too much time, focussing on what they’re missing instead of what they have.
Always remember: If someone REALLY cares, they would REALLY put some effort. If not, you know where you stand. But don’t keep standing…walk away
Anything is possible if someone really REALLY wants it. If not, there will be not one, but thousand excuses…
You are only restricted by the walls you build yourself
Sometimes you’re on a crossroad without a roadmap,
with new unknown opportunities ahead.
Unfortunately most people turn around and go back,
doing the same old thing over and over again and expecting different results…
What really matters is what’s left …