Vintage books review Menthol - Menthol boek review

A few months ago, I was at the bookshop when my eyes fell on a book with a vintage cover: Menthol. And vintage covers always capture my attention. The summary of the story immediately made me want to read this book, so I bought it. A few weeks ago, I finally had made the time to read again.

I love looking back to the past for various reasons. Inspiration is an important one. How did people live in certain eras? Literally how, because there are a lot of dark pages in every era. Also, how did they cope with certain day-to-day problems? When you look at your social media timeline nowadays, it shows more than ever how the interesting opposites of judging and asking for respect can be found in one sentence. In this digital era, groups can easily be formed to share knowledge with each other, support each other or to find people who have the same interests or opinion like you. Back in the day, you were on your own. Read more

Oriental Spice and some Chocolate red lips red outfit
Oriental Spice and some Chocolate red lips red outfit

Let me tell you something about a moment that occurs very often. That moment when I’m in the shower or about to go to sleep. My mind has 300 tabs open and then suddenly somewhere next to those 300 tabs, the inspiration movement wakes up and tells me to stop whatever I am doing. There is something important that needs to be shared. A brain flash! Read more