Let there be light…Diwali – Festival of lights

November 13, 2012 | Inspirational column | 0 comments

Today it’s Diwali. It’s the festival of light. The festival finds its origin in India, where it’s a five days celebration. Each day comes with its own myths or legends and has its own traditions and rituals. Light is the symbol of joy, succes, hope, happiness and prosperity. Bottom line of this celebration: good overcomes evil and positive above negative. And you don’t even have to be religious to celebrate Diwali…!

Happiness and positive thoughts…it´s actually a state of mind. Despite of what many people think, luck has nothing to do with it. Just think about this: almost everyone can think of a person who apparently has it all from the outside, but is unhappy or in a vicious negative circle on the inside. So today on Diwali, it’s about giving a moment of thought about all the events, situations, thoughts and people in your life, positive and negative. …