It was one of those days again. One of those days that I missed being able to watch Classic Hollywood marathons on TCM (which stopped broadcasting in Europe years ago). And I was also slightly annoyed that you have to pay extra for every decent film on Amazon Prime. So, I went back to the one social media channel that I actually use the least: YouTube.

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Netflix golden oldies

A few weeks ago, I was ready for season 6 of my favorite series on Netflix. Oh the deception, when I realized I had to wait at least 11 months for the last season, which was apparently not on Netflix. I was not ready for another series (yet), so I browsed to the movie section. Then I wondered: how many golden oldies would be available on Netflix? Well, surprisingly there were more than I thought!

Here are 10 golden oldies for your Netflix watchlist. If you’re a newbie in Classic Hollywood land, these movies are definitely worth watching. If you’re not a newbie: when is the last time that you’ve watched these classics?
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