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Remember the 1950s? Even if you don’t, you will know that this decade, Rhythm & Blues and Rock and Roll have an unbreakable bond. While I was watching a dvd today, I was intrigued by its background music. I was wondering which band of the 1950s was playing. Of course my best friend Youtube helped me out here. I was pleasantly surprised that I had to fast forward to the present because this band is not from the 1950s, but has been alive and kicking since 2008.

Presenting to you a Rockabilly band of the present featuring lovely Blues and Rock and Roll of the past: The Rhythm Shakers. This band with a very high 1950s Rock and Roll vibe, has an unique sound which is almost similar to the old days. However, there is one big difference. Where in the 1950s the Blues and Rock and Roll world was dominated by men, the lead singer is in this case female. But no ordinary female. Lead singer Marlene Perez has an interesting, raw voice which totally fits the “wild” atmosphere. In 2008 the album “Flipsville” came out and in 2014 the album “Voodoo”. The Rhythm Shakers are continuously touring in Europe, but they also perform worldwide on Rockabilly festivals.

Well, time to turn up the volume and Rock and Roll te evening away. These are in my opinion a few of their best songs:

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