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When I say challenges, what is the first thing that pops up in your mind? To have and to hold a healthier lifestyle for example? Or maybe to do something you’ve never done before like…bungeejumping? When we are talking about physical or other “tangible” challenges, a lot of people will be up for it. But what about the mental challenges? The amount of people that will start with a mental challenge is far less than physical challenges. The ones that will try to keep challenging themselves mentally? Even fewer. However, keep in mind that everyday, everyone is “seeking” for happiness. Isn’t it ironic? So, let’s hear it for the mental challenges. Because what’s within you will influence every action on the outside.

Welcome to the 100happydays challenge. Or in this case, my 100happydays challenge. Although I am someone who already has a positive state of mind, I really wanted to take up this challenge. So how does this challenge work? It’s quite simple actually. For the following 100 days, you make a picture of something that makes you happy on that specific day and you post this picture on a social platform of your own choice. You will use the following hashtag: #100happydays. With this hashtag it’s easy to track your 100 moments of happiness. I used my @SpiceChocolate twitteraccount. What do you win or gain? Long lasting positive vibes.

I like to make my own rules, so I bended the standard rules a little. First of all, I didn’t want to share too personal pictures with the whole wide world. Secondly, some happy moments can’t be pictured because they come from within.Thirdly, sometimes my happy moment of the day arised but I forgot to tweet my picture, so I did it a few hours later. However happy thinking before tweeting! Finally: moments of the old days make me happy and since we still can’t time travel, I obviously couldn’t make my own picture…

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Take a look at some highlights of my 100happydays journey and read my own conclusion below!


Day one: I love red boots and I can not lie!

100 happy days happiness


Dining and some creativity with a carrot

100happydays happiness


And of course my love for Old Hollywood can not be absent in this challenge!

100 happy days happiness


Don’t stand still, keep moving! Salsa helps you to take this literally 😉

100 happy days happiness


Bloggers be like:

100 happy days happiness


I developed a serious vanilla spice latte addiction

100 happy days happiness


I don’t always speak to them everyday, but they always make my happiness level rise. Cheers to the true and sincere friends out there (you know who you are!)

100 happy days happiness

A bad decision doesn’t automatically result in a bad day

100 happy days happiness

Retro…I’m lovin it!

100 happy days happiness

Keep the (vintage) humor alive

100 happy days happiness
<brA pleasant surprise in the morning from this ladybug

100 happy days happiness
Not homemade but definitely made my day 😉

100 happy days happiness

What’s happiness without a little sunshine?

100 happy days happiness

Sometimes certain things make you happy and all you have to do is look. How can you not smile when you see this picture? Since I do not own an elephant nor a jungle, no self-taken picture is involved. But once again: it’s the thought that counts!

100 happydays happiness

Then we have certain people from the past that are not among us anymore. As an Old Hollywood AND Old-Hollywood-Handsome-Men lover, this picture is happiness guaranteed. So to the men living in the here and now: you may be cool, but you’ll never be Paul Newman cool.

100 happy days happiness
Don’t forget to enjoy nature!

100 happy days happiness


Be creative and enjoy your result!

100 happy days happiness


Sincere compliments about my blog always make my day!

100 happy days happiness


I love lemon meringue pie and I can not lie

100 happy days happiness

Last but not least: added to my personal Old Hollywood collection. Can’t wait to see these movies!

100 happy days happiness

So these were just a few of the things that lifted my happiness level the past 100 days. If you like to see al my #100happydays pictures: check my @SpiceChocolat account on twitter!

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You may notice some characteristic aspects while scrolling my happy moments pictures (on twitter):

Red alert

Nights are not just for sleeping. I obviously like to tweet at (mid)night. Same goes for blogging by the way.

– You may see the word belated a few times. Memory loss issues when it came to tweeting. But once again the happiness thought was on my mind on that certain day and that’s what counts!

– When there is sun, automatically there is a happiness spark

– I like to stay in shape with for example zumba and salsa dancing

– I also like pie

– And whipped cream

– And some more pie

Old Hollywood is instant happiness for me. Not just one day, but any day!

– What’s happiness without humor?

– Notice the (vanilla) spice happiness, but not a chocolate picture around? Well, don’t worry. I’ve had my dose of chocolate more than once, but in this challenge I made some room for new addictions… Isn’t that thoughtful?

– I really want to adopt that elephant

So the question is: did I succeed my happy days challenge? Well, Absolutely. Why? Because every single day, I trained my mind to remember something that made me happy. Also keep in mind that some moments can’t always be captured in pictures, but definitely can capture your heart! The best part: I’m still aware of my personal happiness moments of the day and the challenge is already over… And with this in mind I see the real goal of this challenge. Completing those 100 days is just a start. Keeping that happy-moments spirit in your lifestyle from now on, that’s what matters. So truly treasure those little happy moments of the day and make them a big part of your life!

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