I like big books and I can not lie ecard

Sometimes I’m seriously “booked”. I’m talking about the big, old fashioned books with pages that you have to turn, in other words: no e-book reader material. If you want to get in the relax mode, then nothing beats reading a good book once in a while.

The thing with books is, that you can create your own little world. Somebody else wrote it, but you’re the one who brings the story to life, in your own mind and with your own thoughts. Just think about it: since every reader makes their only little story, imagine how many stories one book can actually have…That’s also the reason why the book is always better than the movie. Nothing beats the story and characters that you created in your mind!

Books are basically your own little mental get-a-way where you can return from or learn from. From “hey…I thought I was the only one” to inspiration or places, events and experiences you’ve never heard of until you started reading the book.

So, what’s the definition of a good book?

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Well, a good book isn’t automatically that book with top reviews or the book that everyone has read. On the other hand: a book with bad reviews isn’t  necessarily a bad book. So it’s quite simple actually: a book is good if it equals YOUR definition of a good book.

However, it’s definitely a good book when the following situation occurs. You start reading a book and it will have you hooked. At some point your eyes can somehow reach the clock and the clock says…1 AM. You may want to put the book down to get some sleep, but then the book whispers : “one more chapter”. And there you go again reading it until 3 AM or so.  Oh well, book hangovers are totally worth it ;-)!

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