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Although my subtle hair flower addiction may be getting out of hand (currenty more than 80 hair flowers), the vintage and retro jewelry department is still mostly under control. Years ago, when I was searching for unique retro earrings, I discovered that you won’t find those at any warehouse or any large retro webshop. No, small businesses were and still are the place to be. Next to the fact that it is highly recommended to support small businesses in these difficult times, there are other great reasons to buy retro jewelry there.

Why you should buy vintage and retro jewelry from small businesses

  • High quality: All items that I’ve bought from small businesses are of great quality. I’ve had some pieces for more than 5 years.
  • Handmade: Almost every item is handmade by the owner of the shop, which means you can ask questions (for example about sustainable fabrics) directly to the webshop owner. Some shops also give you the possibility to make a custom made order.
  • Limited edition. You won’t find similar items is your regular ‘mainstream’ (web)shops, so you there is a great chance that have something that is fairly unique.

If you’re familiar with, you’ll know that it’s like a small business heaven. From jewelry to fashion to art. I love Instagram for many reasons and one of the reasons is that I always discover lovely small businesses there. And I’ve had a lot of ‘add to the bag’ moments ever since.

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Five vintage & retro jewelry shops to add to your favorites

Below you can find a little list of a few retro jewelry shops that I’m very enthusiastic about, in random order:

Pollyanna Jewellery

Pollyannajewellery is actually a shop that is specialized in de pom pom style. I discovered this shop recently as I was reviving my search for pom pom earrings. I was immediately enthusiastic, because they have the perfect pom pom size that I was looking for. I bought these fluffy and super light pom pom earrings obviously also in the colour mustard yellow, because I’m part of the ‘Mustard is the new black’ movement. I love to wear them during Summer and when I’m in the 1960s mood.

pom pom earrings Pollyanna jewellery

Bow and Crossbones

These summer style bamboo earrings have become an all time favorite for retro summer looks in the last 5 years. They suit any tropical summer style and are especially perfect for any tiki inspired looks. You can find a lot of colourful retro earrings, bangles and necklaces of high quality at Bow and Crossbones.

Retro jewelry tiki bamboo earrings Bow and Crossbones


“Are they real?” More than once have people asked me that question when I wore these lemon earrings below. Well, they are not, but they make a great and unique accessory for any heat wave proof summer look. Farawayberlin has much more pretty earrings and accessories that put you in the ‘add to the bag’ mood.

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Glitzomatic is another shop with vintage inspired, cheerful earrings that immediately catches my eyes. Next to these fruity earrings (picture 1 below), you can also find a lot of festive earrings, like the gold one I’m wearing (picture 2 below). Perfect for New Year’s Eve and fancy or ‘casual’ Christmas dinners. Which is good to know. After all, it’s already September. Which basically means…almost Christmas!

Carmen Miranda inspired 1950s style earrings

Festive earrings Glitzomatic

Classic 1950s hoop earrings Glitzomatic

Vintage Sieraden

If you’re looking for some true vintage items, Vintage Sieraden has beautiful and unique vintage pieces that suit any vintage style. They also have vintage clip-on earrings. I usually don’t buy clip-ons, but I make an exception for one-of-a-kind cheerful clip-ons like the one below (picture 2). You can also find nice vintage brooches, necklaces and rings in this shop.

True vintage jewelry Vintage Sieraden clip-on earrings

More retro jewelry inspiration

Looking for more retro jewelry inspiration? Find me on Instagram.

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