Retro sweater weather

Winter is not really my season. Wait, that’s an understatement. Let me rephrase that: Winter is totally not my season (with exception of the holiday season). Basically, I want spring on the 2nd of January.¬†January is in fact already my least favorite month, because of the lack of sunlight, skin troubles and all the layers of clothes you have to wear. So it’s typically retro sweater weather.

There are two months where my sweater weather behavior is getting out of control: January and February. My personal limit for wearing dresses is 0 degrees (celsius). Besides that, the combination of retro (pencil) dresses and fleece leggings are usually not very suitable in my opinion. And 15 denier tights when it’s -5 degrees: thanks, but no thanks. So, I find my comfort in sweaters. Nice and cozy sweaters. Colorful sweaters. Last but not least, retro sweaters.
Here is an overview of my sweater weather …