Oriental Spice and some Chocolate retro look H&M
Oriental Spice and some Chocolate retro look

When you’re into retro fashion, your well-trained retro sight will spot interesting items anywhere. I already shared a few of my favorite retro webshops with you. Every now and then, I do go on an offline shopping spree in the popular shops, although I do skip the fitting part. I am always surprised how much modern vintage items and accessories you can find in the mainstream shops.

On weekdays and workdays, I tone my outfits a little bit down. That’s why I like to combine accessories and clothes from mainstream shops for a work-proof look and of course, I also have my casual days. Not on Friday though. I fall in the casual Monday category.

So let’s talk about some retro looks from the past couple of months that were created with items from the mainstream shops! As you will see, there is a pattern here. I love the accessories of Claire’s especially the hair flowers. I have a little obsession with hair flowers. But I also got all my other hair accessories from here. When it comes to (basic) tops & dresses: H&M and C&A are my source of retro chic looks. In fact, the tops and dresses of these stores are very suitable to create everyday retro style outfits. Check out some of my floriental retro looks from the last couple of months. Interested in more? You can follow me on instagram @orientalspiceandsomechocolate or Facebook.

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Flower: Claires
Dress: C&A


Top: H&M
Pants: Collectif Clothing
Belt: Topvintage


Flower dress: C&A
Earrings: Desperate Beatnik


Tartan shirt: V&D
Flower: Claire’s
Earrings: Topvintage


Top: H&M
Flower: Claire’s


Top & earrings: H&M
Pants: Collectif Clothing


Earrings: Asos
Dress: H&M
Hat accessory: Claire’s


Pants: Collectif Clothing
Top: C&A
Shoes: Ruby Shoo


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Top: Only
Skirt: Banned Apparel
Shoes: van Haren

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