Floriental retro fashion and beauty world
retro Floriental fashion and beauty world

Today I wanted to do a post close to the roots but of course with a retro link. Obviously, I am heavily inspired by the vintage styles of the past. However, this blog starts with Oriental Spice for two reasons. First of all, you can take it literally, because I am literally oriental. Secondly, it stands for food for thought and inspiration next to the lighter things in life (check the inspiration column category if you’re interested). Inspirational food for thought is a topic that always comes back, occasionally with an oriental touch. Remember for example how I wrote about the Indian festival Diwali)?  Back to the first reason.

I like to to have the best of both worlds. Vintage & Present. Oriental & Retro style. Today, I am giving you a personal peak in my floriental vintage fashion & beauty world. Anyone who knows me, knows I like to live a colorful life (fashion, makeup & people!). On the other hand, vintage meets present is a main topic on my blog. From fashion & beauty to golden oldies (music and movies) and from retro series to Classic Hollywood stars wisdom.

I always like to bring these two different worlds together. In this blog post, I’ve put a few items in the spotlight that I use to achieve my floriental style and some end looks of the past and the present. Let’s hit it off.

Eye-catching earrings

We – women – all own at least one pair of pearls. Instant classiness guaranteed and it’s suitable for every occasion. However, I like variety. In my clothes, hair flowers and there is a reason why I believe that having 50 shades of red lipstick is not a bad idea. Basically, I like variety in everything. Especially during spring and summer, I frequently like to replace the classy pearls with some eye-catching Indian style statement earrings. During autumn or winter, you have to be a little careful, because Indian style earrings and wool/acrylic scarves don’t go well together. Been there, ripped that scarf. My favorite Indian earrings are called jhumkas (see the first picture and the pictures below). They fit with everything and are available (online) in so many different shapes and colours. Instant oriental glamour guaranteed. Add some winged eyeliner, a little vintage style hat: Instant oriental meets vintage glamour guaranteed.

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retro Floriental vintage fashion and beauty world - jhumka


In the oriental world it has been a well known fact that kajal (or khol) makes your eyes pop. It gives you instant sultry, mysterious oriental eyes. Check out this blog to see why. When I feel like doing something else with my eyes instead of just winged eyeliner, I just add some kajal. Add a retro swing skirt, red lipstick (of course!), a colorful hair flower and voila: instant tropical vintage vibes guaranteed.

Retro Floriental vintage fashion and beauty world

Retro Floriental vintage fashion and beauty world



Since we are talking about those hair flowers, they are kind of my trademark. Flower power was there back in the days. Not only in the western world, but also in the Indian fashion & beauty world and it never went out of style. I usually don’t do real pinup curls in my hair, because of the length and thickness of my hair. Also, it would take me at least an hour. Ain’t nobody got time for that on a workday when your bed is so possessive. So what I usually do is enhance my waves. It literally takes me 10 minutes in the morning. I usually curl the two front ends of my hair and brush them out, so they fall together with the rest of my hair. My front ends are kind of rebellious, so they literally have to be put in their place. After that, I add some curl control lotion, hairspray for waves and I am good to go! How efficient when you’re like me and you snooze at least 3 time (which is not very efficient). Of course, it helps a lot when you have natural waves.

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From pinup back to the oriental world. Long, wavy hair is pretty much the standard there in combination with big flowers. Next to long, wavy hair, a long braid is also a typical Indian hairstyle that is suitable for every occasion. What I usually do on a normal weekday next to wearing my hair loose, is wearing my hair in a braid with a big flower.

Floriental vintage meets present world braid and hair flower

Bright colours

There is something about bold colors. They just make my day. India is a country filled with bright and bold colors. Not just in fashion, but also in for example (bridal) makeup, festivities and of course: Bollywood. Think for example about the Holi festival. Bright colours everywhere. If you look at the western fifties fashion world back in the day, bright colours also had the upper hand. In this case, the oriental world can literally shake hands with the vintage fashion & makeup world. No nudes or neutral colours here: the bolder, the better!

Floriental vintage meets present world - colorful makeup

Floriental vintage fashion and beauty world - 2010


So as you can see, I like to combine the best of two worlds that are close to me. My oriental roots and fascination the vintage inspired fashion & beauty world. I like the classic Hollywood 1940s/1950s look, but I also like the typical oriental look. And why choose, when you can have the best of two worlds?

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