Oriental Spice and some Chocolate retro webshop favorites
Oriental Spice and some Chocolate retro fashion webshop collage

When you’ve been around in the retro fashion world, you may know some of the most popular retro fashion webshops at the moment: Topvintage and Succubus. I am a very loyal customer, but there is so much more to discover in retro fashion wonderland. I’ve made a list of my favorite retro style webshops with original concepts and lovely colors. Some I’ve known for a few years, some I’ve just discovered recently As I mentioned in an earlier blog  post, social media is my number 1 source when it comes to discovering (new) brands. Well, research…I usually bump into brands as I am scrolling through de explore area on Instagram. Also interesting if you’re not that retro, but you like to have a few different (colorful) fashion items or accessories.


Empire Elegance
Empire Elegance has a nice selection of everyday & evening wear when it comes to retro fashion. I wrote about this webshop for the first time two years ago . Sophisticated, glamorous and chic with a lot of pieces from retro brands that you don’t see everywhere. Next to that, Empire Elegance also offers vintage glamour shoots. You may remember that I did a vintage glamour shoot last year.

Processed with Rookie Cam
Very Cherry
When I look at the website of Very Cherry, I instantly get positive vibes! Very Cherry has several retro fashion brands, but the owner of Very Cherry also (co-)designs pieces in cooperation with King Louie. Besides that, I like the colorful items that you can find here. Very Cherry is also a real shop in Rotterdam. I still have to pay a visit to the real shop! I bought this Cherry top a few years ago and this top has been part of the spring/summer wardrobe ever since. Next to that, I am a big fan of the classic pencil skirts that you can buy via Very Cherry. And there is a red trenchcoat on my way…

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King Louie
Since I was talking about King Louie, I love the dresses of King Louie for some everyday glamour. A lot of items are also very suitable for the work and professional environment. My favorite items are a winter coat that I’ve had for two years (pic) and this blue/green polka dot dress.

King Louie blue polkadots dress and Bow and Crossbones bamboo earrings

Tara Starlet
I recently discovered this brand on Instagram. I was pleasantly surprised because Tara Starlet has original concepts when it comes to the traditional polka dot pattern. A yellow skirt with white polka dots or a two-piece white with blue polka dots set. Tara Starlet has it. If your retro closet needs a 1960s style upgrade, this is a nice shop to visit.

Vivian of Holloway
If you wear a lot of pencil skirts, you know the this-top-is-too-long-to-put-in-this-pencil-skirt struggle. Nowadays, there is comeback of crop tops which were also popular in the 90s. The nice thing about crop tops: they are perfect to tug in your pencil skirt. If you’re really looking for vintage style (crop) tops. Vivian Holloway has a large assortment of short tops in 1950s style.

Dolly & Dotty
This brand has cute 1950s retro dresses and skirts for every occasion and it will also make your bank account quite happy. Dolly and Dotty has a huge collection of swing dresses and skirts.

British Retro
For some beautiful fitted retro pencil dresses with other patterns than polkadots or cherries, I turn to British Retro. Retro fitted dresses at their finest. Last Christmas, I gave you my heart I wore this dress:

British retro tartan fitted dress



Ruby Shoo
A typical case of gotta have them all. My favorite retro shoe brand, especially because of the fit and walk-proof heels. These heels are so comfortable, especially when I compare them to “random” high heels with the same height from a local shop. On the other hand, Ruby Shoo also has lovely low or mid-low heels.

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Ruby Shoo pumps floral
Lola Ramona
Even more retro shoes. I love these original shoes with a touch of retro and once again they are also very friendly for your feet. I recently bought the polka dot shoes on the picture below. It looked so adorable and I’ve never seen a pumps like these before. Always a good reason to buy new shoes of course. Currently, I own one pair of shoes from Lola Ramona, but I can already guarantee: there will be more…

Lola Ramona polkadot heels

Jewelry & Accessories

Desperate Beatnik
Here you can find retro style jewelry, handmade and often made with vintage products. I especially like the large vintage style hoops. These earrings give your outfit instant vintage (1950s) vibes. Next to that Desperate Beatnik is specialized in confetti lucite jewelry.

Bow & Crossbones
Probably my favorite retro jewelry stop. I love this brand for its vintage inspired tropical vintage style jewelry. If you’re following me on social media, you’ve probably seen my favorite items: bamboo earrings. Besides that, Bow and Crossbones also has a nice confetti lucite earrings section.

Bow and Crossbones earrings and lace top

Magical Making Studio
Hair flowers are my favorite hair accessories, but every now and then I vary them with mini-hats. When you’re cycling a lot, you know that the wind is usually not your best friend especially when you’re wearing hats (or caps). So it’s nice to have (mini-) hats that won’t be gone with the wind. This shop has a lot of different hair accessories (also if you’re more into the 70s boho vibe). The flowers and mini-hats are made on a hair ribbon so it can’t slip off your hair easily.

P.S. I am not responsible for any new fashion brand addictions that you may develop after clicking on the links.

P.S. 2 This is actually also an all-my-favorite-webshops-in-one-overview list, so I don’t have to remember them. Efficiency at its finest.

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8 replies
  1. Babs
    Babs says:

    Ik zit helemaal te genieten van die kleding, wat een leuke spullen hebben ze bij die webshops. Ik ben do op vintage en polkadots.
    En wat zie je er prachtig uit!
    Wat mij betreft mag het veel meer op straat te zien zijn, net zoals leuke hoeden etc.
    Super leuk!

  2. Jacqueline
    Jacqueline says:

    O, dat zijn zeker leuke webshops!
    En mocht je ooit naar Rotterdam komen om Very Cherry een bezoekje te brengen, dan denk ik dat Movimento en Knetter op de Nieuwe Binnenweg ook wel bij je in de smaak zullen vallen.

  3. Melike
    Melike says:

    Ik vind je look echt geweldig op deze foto’s. Wat een leuke tips voor webshops! Ik vind het altijd wel leuk om een beetje retro door de mix te gooien, dus ik ga ze zeker even bekijken!

  4. jeapiebel
    jeapiebel says:

    Je hebt je eigen stijl. Ik vind de hakken en bloem op je haar erg leuk altijd. De kledingkeus kan ik ook bewonder met het feit dat je jezelf durft te zijn. Ik heb zelf niet echt een bepaalde stijl en draag van alles en nog wat. 🙂

    • Oriental Spice and some Chocolate
      Oriental Spice and some Chocolate says:

      Leuk om te horen. Mensen herkennen me vaak aan de manier waarop ik me kleed of de bloem in mijn haar. Dat je niet een bepaalde stijl hebt, heeft trouwens ook zijn voordelen. Je kun experimenteren met veel verschillende mode items bijvoorbeeld :-).


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