Q&A session with Miss Victory Violet
50s modern vintage look

Last Friday was a very happy and definitely not so casual Friday! Kick-off of the weekend of course but more importantly: a meet & greet with the one and only: Ella a.k.a. Miss Victory Violet!


About a month ago, I saw that Sugarcoated Pictures had scheduled some events in cooperation with Miss Victory Violet. Miss Victory Violet doesn’t need an introduction for the modern vintage lovers out there. But for those who don’t know her: Miss Victory Violet is a very popular vintage blogger and hairdresser. To me, she is the personification of a modern vintage girl in present life. So, when I saw the Miss Victory Violet events at Sugarcoated in Rotterdam, I knew that I wanted to go one of the events.

So you could choose between a makeup or hair workshop, or a Q&A session. Since I already did a vintage hair workshop at Sugarcoated a while back and I do know the basics of a nice vintage inspired make-up, (red lips and wing it, wing it!), the Q&A session sounded perfect to me.

Brainstorm pizza session

I planned to go there with a good friend and also my retro partner in crime. A week before the vintage event, we had a brainstorm pizza session. I can tell you: brainstorm pizza sessions are always a good idea. Especially with a very nice 50s & 60s rock and roll Spotify playlist. A good pizza activates your creativity (well at least we became very creative) and at the end of the night, we had a nice list of questions. So we were ready for our Meet & Greet with Miss Victory Violet! This was my outfit of the day:

50s style outfit oriental spice and some chocolate

The Q&A session

After having too much pasta at a very nice Italian restaurant, we strolled down the streets of Rotterdam to the Sugarcoated studio and arrived perfectly on time. Miss Victory Violet was already there.

After all the girls had arrived it was time to hit it off. Question time! We were with a group of six girls and it was actually really nice to have the Q&A with a small group of people. It was much more intimate and we all had the opportunity to ask a lot of different questions. There were a lot of questions about her blog, social media, vintage modeling and how she actually ended up in the modern vintage world. I liked how Miss Victory Violet was really open and took the time to give an extensive reply to all our questions. Since I own a blog myself, of course I asked her if she had any tips for bloggers who wanted to grow or get more out of their blog. I liked how she confirmed what I already started doing: find your niche, stick to it and engage with followers and other people that are relevant in your niche market. Last but not least: just go with the flow, don’t expect too much. Maybe I should re-phrase that to a new (professional) motto: Grow with the flow.

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As I was listening to her activities in a normal week, it sounded like she was on a very, very tight schedule. So at a certain point, I asked her how she managed everything. I was surprised, but also admired about the fact that she manages & schedules everything herself. I would definitely be in desperate need for a Personal Assistant if I were in her place…

There was also an interesting question about her pictures. Because, how does she take those sharp, high-quality selfies? In these days, taking (good) selfies and other pictures is definitely a must. Next to that, high-quality pictures are always an essential part of good marketing. If you have seen the pictures of Miss Victory Violet, she is definitely doing it right! So in short: daylight is very important and next to that: a ring light!

I was also wondering which vintage bloggers/influencers she follows online. I recognized almost all the names. I also follow some of them on instagram. It’s interesting to see how the vintage style is really a growing niche market. On the other hand everyone can add their personal (branding) style to it.

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Q&A Miss Victory Violet Sugarcoated Rotterdam

Some questions from the other girls were more about her personal life, which was also very interesting. Because that is a side that you don’t see a lot on social media, but we were definitely curious about it. Especially, since she is on the road so much. I can imagine that it’s difficult to combine that with your personal life. I liked how Miss Victory Violet was really open about the more personal situations in her life and she really took the time to also reply those questions extensively.

I ended the question session by asking if there was anything she missed in the modern vintage world when it comes to vintage reproduction. She replied with good accessories for winter time. I totally agree, because there are enough lovely winter coats for those cold days. But when it comes to shoes…you have to search very well to find something that suits, for example, a pencil dress but also keeps you warm.

After the question session, it was time for some bubbles. And after that: picture time!

Q&A session with Miss Victory Violet


So I’ve only described a few highlights of the session, or else you will be reading until dawn. However, I can tell you that the Q&A session was definitely worth it. And in real life Miss Victory Violet is exactly as I thought she would be: down to earth, charming personality, spontaneous and a great sense of humor. It was interesting and inspiring at the same time. From practical tips to a more realistic and personal point of view about for example freelancing. I am glad I registered for this event! Another big plus: it was a very nice group of people. I am telling you: people who are fascinated by vintage are always so much fun! Last but not least, a big thanks to Sugarcoated for making it possible for the Dutch modern vintage fans to meet Miss Victory Violet! I would definitely go again if she comes to the Netherlands more often. Hint hint…;-)


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  1. Linde
    Linde says:

    Zo leuk geschreven! De pizza brainstormsessie klinkt zeker als een goed idee, die ga ik onthouden 😉 En ‘grow with the flow’ is zeker een goede samenvatting van haar tips! Het was echt heel leuk en tof om te lezen hoe jij het beleefd hebt!


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