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The 1980’s were golden years for some artists which we all remember. Memorable songs came out and the videoclip started to overrule the radio. Like artists of today are inspired by artists of the 1980s, artists of the 1980s were inspired by old Hollywood movies of the golden Hollywood era (1930s-1950s).

A few videoclips and their old Hollywood inspiration resource…

1. Band Wagon – Girl Hunt, 1953 | Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal, 1988
My favorite. A lot of similarities but at the same time both videoclips have a personal twist. Same outfit, same atmosphere, very different dance style in two different era. Fred Astaire (with Cyd Carisse) and his typical great dancing v.s. Michael Jackson who introduces his famous anti-gravity lean…


2. Anchors Aweigh, 1944 | Paula Abdul – Opposites Attract, 1989

Another one of those great dancers: Gene Kelly dancing with Jerry the Mouse in the movie Anchors Aweigh. Yes they were very creative back in 1944. Paula Abdul used this clip of her youth idol as inspiration for the video “Opposites attract”.


3. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – Diamonds are a girls best friend, 1953 | Madonna – Material Girl, 1984
The most recognizable similarities in this top 3. In fact, it’s harder to spot the differences. Even the titles of the songs have some similarity. No more explanation needed ;-).

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If you know any other popular videoclips that are inspired by old hollywood movies, leave a message!

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