Pinup shots of Empire Elegance

January 3, 2016 | Retro Fashion | 2 comments

Pinup shots of Empire Elegance Empire Elegance - Oriental Spice and some Chocolate
As you know I am a big selfie fan. However, I am always looking for diversity in pictures. So I like to be creative and “artistic” with my selfies as you may have seen on my social media channels. However, every now and then I get those vintage glamour photoshoot vibes. A few years ago, I already did a vintage glamour photoshoot. You may have seen a few of those pictures on Facebook & Instagram. This time I wanted to focus on a more pinup style. So that’s what I did. Where did I do my photoshoot and what are the results?

Empire Elegance

A few weeks after I got my recent pinup photoshoot vibes, I noticed that a retro webshop I am fond of, Empire Elegance, had started doing pinup photoshoots. You may remember that I wrote about Empire Elegance in an earlier blogpost. I have good experiences with this retro webshop and the owner Cerise Noire. In the current world of hunderds of retro webshops, Empire Elegance has a very nice and unique assortiment of retro clothing. Because of my good experiences, I decided to set my pinup glamour vibes free at the Empire Elegance photostudio.

I had the opportunity to choose what kind of shoot I wanted. Vintage Lingerie was for example also an option. I chose for an over-the-top pinup photoshoot. Before I show you the results, I would like to zoom in on a few interesting areas of the pinup shoot.

Budget makeup

Although I know that expensive makeup is definitely not always better, budget makeup wouldn’t be my first choice for a pinup look. But…expect the unexpected. I was pleasantly surprised with the end result of the makeup look which included some budget makeup items that were used by makeup artist Valerie Cash. For example from Etos and Catrice. I actually purchased a few items because of the great staying power. This snapshot was made by Cerise, because I wanted to frame the makeup look before it would be washed away in the rain…

Pinup shots of Empire Elegance - Pinup shoot Oriental Spice and some Chocolate

Pic from Facebook: Oriental Spice and some Chocolate

Pinup Styling

Cerise did the styling of this shoot. It was a very colorful shoot, which suits me very well. Besides that, the styling was glamorous but still totally me (hello long, wavy hair). I also liked the feeling for detail (and great taste in hats!). Probably not a surprise, but I liked all the outfits and hats. In fact, I wanted them all, but I controlled myself. I only bought the purple dress and some lovely nude seamed stockings that also suited my skin color. However, I am still keeping my eyes on the red dress of the travel setting…

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Strike a pinup pose

In the present world you often have to remind yourself to stand up and sit straight. At least I have to do that, especially when I’ve been sitting behind my laptop for too long or when I’ve been hanging around in my coach potato mode. Not in the old days. 60 years ago feminine, pinup poses would come naturally to the ladies. This also had a lot to do with vintage etiquette. The couch potato mode was usually not done in those days. In the present it’s like the world upside down. During the pinup shoot I also got a fast “pinup pose” lesson. In this case, I believe it was actually better in the old days. Better for your posture. I might strike a pinup pose more often.

Present fashion v.s. Vintage fashion

This brings me to another point. As I was doing this shoot, it got me thinking about present everyday fashion. Nowadays it’s “special” to dress in pinup style. It’s usually seen as a look or outfit that you would wear to a (theme) party. Notice the red dress of the travel setting. Lovely look & dress, but according to today’s fashion standards a teeny, tiny bit overdressed when I would be travelling nowadays.

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Flashback to more than 60 years ago. Pencil dresses and pencil skirts with seamed stockings and suspender belts were quite normal. In fact, in the fourties, women used to create a fake seamed stockings effect by drawing a line on their legs. It was not seen as glamorous, but as part of an everyday fashion routine. Gloves were always there. Winter or no winter. Day or Night. Party or no party.

Personally, I still like to add my own floriental vintage meets present touch to my everyday style, which includes pencil dresses, skirts and ofcourse red lips. I don’t do casual Friday. Last but not least: gotta love those retro hats. When it comes to present everyday fashion, I wouldn’t mind at all if the world became a little less casual.

So, without further ado, here are a few results of the pinup shoot!

Styling & Clothing: Empire Elegance / Cerise Noire

Makeup & photography: Valerie Cash / Anne Kok


 Pinup shots of Empire Elegance - Empire Elegance and Valerie Cash


Pinup shots of Empire Elegance - Empire Elegance and Valerie Cash
Pin up shots of Empire Elegance - Empire Elegance and Valerie Cash - Pinup shoot Oriental Spice and some Chocolate


Pin up shots of Empire Elegance - Empire Elegance and Valerie Cash - Pinup shoot Oriental Spice and some Chocolate


Pin up shots of Empire Elegance - Empire Elegance and Valerie Cash - Pinup shoot Oriental Spice and some Chocolate


Pin up shots of Empire Elegance - Empire Elegance and Valerie Cash - Pinup shoot Oriental Spice and some Chocolate


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