Classic Hollywood movie Monkey Business Gary Grant Marilyn Monroe and Ginger Rogers

There is no business like Monkey Business

A few days ago I had yet another Vintage meets Present moment. I actually have a lot of those. There was nothing interesting to watch on television - I also have a lot of those moments recently - so I decided it was dvd time: Classic Hollywood…
Oriental Spice and some Chocolate

Vintage meets Present: Fascinating historical videos on Youtube

There is something about the introduction tune of historical videos and news bulletins. It always has this typical very nostalgic sound and it makes me anxious for the rest of the newsbulletin. It gives me that you-don't-want-to-miss-this…
Childhood picture vintage meets present
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A trip to childhood memories lane

Yesterday I was mesmerizing about the past. I am not talking about the roaring twenties, fifties or sixties. No, this time I am talking about the time I grew up: (mainly) the nineties. Certain things that were so common (or literally painful) back…
vintage fashion 1930s

Vintage lifestyle tips from the 1930s

Vintage lifestyle is more popular than ever these days. And rightly so. A lot of times the focus is on heydays of vintage Hollywood and fashion: the 1950s and 1960s. And again...rightly so, because - in my opinion - those were the peak days…
Tubino jackie & julietta pinup fifties style

A personal ode to the pencil skirt & dress

There is something about pencil skirts and dresses. I have always been fascinated by them. They are so classy and feminine. A while back I've written a post about the history of the pencil skirt. Remember how it all started with a propeller…
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Dream on

You might find yourself at home thinking. Thinking about wanting to have a job. Or you find yourself working in the office although you know that this job is not for you. You're back at home again thinking about your current situation which…