Classic Hollywood style

A Classic Hollywood GIFs story

via GIPHY Another Vintage meets Present episode! Today, I have a special ode to the nowadays digital (GIFS) era. If you look at my social media channels, it's fair to say that I really like social media. If you look back on my social…
Besame Cosmetics lipstick Red velvet

Vintage meets Present makeup: Besame Cosmetics

Eight years ago the number one source to find interesting brands (en blogs) was Google. Since a few years the focus has shifted to social media. A few months ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and I saw something that immediately…
From 2015 with love vintage

From 2015 with love

Remember the beginning of 2015? As you may have read, I am from the anti-new year's resolutions movement. In the first days of January, I wanted to do something new, which included some food for thought. So last year in January, I decided…
pinup shoot Empire Elegance Oriental Spice and some Chocolate

Pinup shots of Empire Elegance

As you know I am a big selfie fan. However, I am always looking for diversity in pictures. So I like to be creative and "artistic" with my selfies as you may have seen on my social media channels. However, every now and then I get those…
oriental spice and some chocolate vintage meets present lifestyle
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Ladies night - vintage meets present edition

What's life without friends? And what's life without some vintage glamour? As you know I am not a morning person. And every now and then it's time to do stuff that you would only do with your lady friends: ladies night! However, don't have…
Bing Crosby A white Christmas movie 1954, Classic Christmas movie

The oldies-but-goldies Christmas playlist

It's that time of the year again. The time when a certain someone will tell you a little story about how he gave his heart away last Christmas (will he ever learn?) and someone else only wants you for Christmas, which is nice but she…