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A personal piece of Oriental Spice and some Chocolate

Time to get personal today on Oriental Spice and some Chocolate! In the blog world there are a lot of blogtags where bloggers nominate each other to answer a few questions. A few weeks ago ,I was nominated with the Liebster award by Melike…
Why I love to go back to the 1980s blog

Why I love to time travel to the 1980s

  A week ago the news entered the world that yet another huge icon - "His Royal Badness Prince" was no more. It brought me back to one of my many, many nostalgic 1980s music moods. Remember one of my very first posts where I wrote…
OMG I am So Retro

The very relatable OMG I Am So Retro checklist

For a typical OMG I Am So Retro person, the present times are fantastic. We are truly  living in the golden online era. I wasn't born in the roaring twenties, the golden Hollywood 1950s, swinging sixties or floral 1970s. Thankfully for us…
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Top 5 must-have lipsticks for every red lipstick addict

Looking at my dressing table, I can see my red lipstick collection is always growing. I haven't hit the 50 shades yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if I actually will have 50 shades of red some day. The best part: I actually use them all on…
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Home is where the retro electronics are

As you know, I believe we are currently living in a great era. We can look back and pick out the positive things (and experiences) of previous eras, but we can also enjoy present luxuries. From music to fashion and from fashion to your home.…
Vintage glamour Hail Caesar review post

Hail, Caesar!

Have you ever had the feeling that you were somewhere and you were like: "This was a little strange, but at the same time pretty good". Well, I had that feeling after I watched Hail, Caesar! in the cinema last weekend. I already heard some…