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10 witty conversation starters for a good 1950s housewife

Last week, I was doing my obligated cleaning round at home. As I was imagining how wonderful it would be if dust magically disappeared, dishes would clean themselves and how wonderful it would be to have my own personal cook during weekdays,…
Reykjavik harbour Iceland travel trip

A lot of Iceland and a little bit of retro

I am back from my second and last trip this year: A trip to Iceland! I traveled with my brother and didn't really know what to expect, so I expected nothing. We flew with Icelandair and I was pleasantly surprised that we had indoor entertainment…

Everyday long hairstyles with a touch of retro

If you look around on instagram, you'll see beautiful vintage inspired hairstyles everywhere. Search on #vintagehair for example. In my opinion, a lot of those hairstyles are more appropriate for medium hairstyles, so in my case my hair is…
Bourjois Rouge edition aqua laque review_Red my lips

Favorite shades of everyday retro chic red

If you're into retro chic red lipsticks and you want some new shades: this one is for you. So last year I became a huge fan of the retro makeup brand Besame Cosmetics. Still love the brand. Unfortunately, they decided to withdraw their delivery…
Mad Men Don Draper

Life and career advice from Don Draper

The last weeks, I've been thinking about the fun I had last year, when I started watching Mad Men, while everyone else was already at the last season. I don't know where I was, but somehow I wasn't aware of the existence of Don Draper &…
Classic Hollywood face swap blog

The Classic Hollywood face swap files

It all started with couch potato activities last Tuesday when I came home after a nice dinner. Yes, couch potato activities can be very good for your creativity. Since I use Snapchat only for the filters, I decided to check if there were some…