Julio Olmedo and Alicia Alarcon - Gran Hotel

Have an exciting three seasons stay in Gran Hotel!

There are series that give binge-watching a new dimension. Gran Hotel (or Grand Hotel) definitely belongs in that category. Rewind to the beginning of March. I finished the retro serie Land Girls and was looking for another retro serie. So…
Q&A session with Miss Victory Violet

Q&A with Miss Victory Violet!

Last Friday was a very happy and definitely not so casual Friday! Kick-off of the weekend of course but more importantly: a meet & greet with the one and only: Ella a.k.a. Miss Victory Violet! Preparations About a month ago, I saw that…
vintage glamour hats style

5 reasons why (mini) hats should make a comeback in everyday fashion

When it comes to retro fashion I am a big fan of certain accessories. Today I want to shine some light on (mini) hats. I love them for several reasons, but here is a list of 5 reasons why (mini) hats should make a comeback in everyday fashion: 1.…
Oriental Spice Modern Vintage blogger red tassel earrings tiki pinup

5 reasons to wear tassel earrings

I have to admit it. I like big earrings and I cannot lie. Next to the classic pearls, big earrings are my best friends when it comes to my favorite modern vintage accessories. I do like them a little bit different. For a typical oriental meets…
Oriental Spice and some Chocolate

How personal branding adds value to your life

I've been in the 90s mood lately. It all started with binge-watch sessions of Full House. After that I went for 90s binge-listen sessions on Spotify. So I was listening to this song - I know how 90s eurohouse can it get - and my mind wandered…
Retro sweater weather purple

Retro sweater weather

Winter is not really my season. Wait, that's an understatement. Let me rephrase that: Winter is totally not my season (with exception of the holiday season). Basically, I want spring on the 2nd of January. January is in fact already my least…