retro duvet cover

Retro bedtime!

You know those moments when you look around in your apartment and you're like: ''Hey you know what I haven't done in a while: bought something new. You know what they say: your home is never finished. I recognize that a lot when it comes…

Vintage books: Menthol

A few months ago, I was at the bookshop when my eyes fell on a book with a vintage cover: Menthol. And vintage covers always capture my attention. The summary of the story immediately made me want to read this book, so I bought it. A few weeks…
Netflix golden oldies
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10 Golden Oldies for your Netflix watchlist

A few weeks ago, I was ready for season 6 of my favorite series on Netflix. Oh the deception, when I realized I had to wait at least 11 months for the last season, which was apparently not on Netflix. I was not ready for another series (yet),…
Pinup retro fashion Oriental Spice and some Chocolate by Empire Elegance and Valerie Cash
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The Christmas Tag

I usually don't really follow the tag hype in blogger land, but every now and then I make an exception. I saw this Christmas Tag popping up on some blogs and really liked the questions of this tag. So how does this Floriental meets Modern…

Marilyn 90 exhibition: there is more than meets the eye

No Netflix binge-watching sessions last Sunday, because there was another interesting event on the calendar: the Marilyn 90  exhibition at the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. This year marks the 90th birthday of Marilyn Monroe and it's celebrated…
Oriental Spice and some Chocolate retro look H&M

Retro looks with a little help from not-so-retro shops

When you're into retro fashion, your well-trained retro sight will spot interesting items anywhere. I already shared a few of my favorite retro webshops with you. Every now and then, I do go on an offline shopping spree in the popular shops,…