retro style winter coat

How to go retro style when you're always cold in Winter

When winter time hits, I always get mixed feelings. I love Christmas time and the lovely decorations that cheer up the night in December and all the "top xxx hits of all time" programs. However, I dislike the absence of light that starts…

Art exhibition: for the love of (vintage) cats and cabin crew fashion

Time flies. More than a week ago, I visited Kunsthal Rotterdam with some friends for a nice vintage meets present exhibition. We were planning to see a Cabin Crew fashion exhibition, but at the entrance we received a nice surprise, because…
Oriental Spice and some Chocolate Modern Vintage Gal Birthday

What does a Modern Vintage Gal get for her birthday?

Autumn. The time when the leaves start falling on te ground. It rains and rains some more's also the time when I celebrate that I am officially getting older again! My birthday was on a Monday. As a personal tradition, I usually take…
Vintage Diva photoshoot Hamburg end results merged

Vintage Diva photoshoot get-a-way in Hamburg with Ava Elderwood!

So this story actually started a year ago on a random summer day in June with my retro sister from another mister. We had a lot of fun that night, which included a lot of laughter, a lot of tapas and a cat. Like a lot of other days, we were…
Velvet tv screenshot opening

Binge-watch your way to the fashionable 1950s with Velvet

For a retrospective (fictive) peek at the 1960s, we had Mad Men. For the 1950s (and a small part of the 1960s), we have Velvet, also knowns as Galerías Velvet. As you may have read, when I finished the Spanish serie Gran Hotel, I was happy…
Cover foto tiki pinup summer look

Modern vintage summer style: in the office v.s. out of office

When it comes to modern vintage style, my closet is filled with all kinds of retro clothes. But like every woman, I sometimes also stand in front of my closet spending wasting time thinking about what I want to wear that day. Especially…