Travel blog: The Cuba effect I didn't expect

It was around the 1st of January when my retro bestie and I decided that we needed to travel more. Now you should know that I am anti-New Year's Resolutions, but I am definitely pro-travel! Things evolved quickly from there and the excitement…
The Tattooist of Auschwitz - De tattoeëerder van Auschwitz

A story to remember: The tattooist of Auschwitz

It’s a random Monday evening when I decide to read a book that I've saved for this time of the year. 2 hours and 130 pages later, I put the book away. Reluctantly. This is the kind of book that I would like to read in one night, but there’s…
Long hair Gliss Kur haircare
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Long hair, do care: My hair care ritual

A few weeks ago, I've asked my Instagram followers about which topic they wanted to read more on the blog. Interesting enough the topic hair had almost the highest score. Of course I am more than happy to shed some light on my long hair life…
retro style winter coat

How to go retro style when you're always cold in Winter

When winter time hits, I always get mixed feelings. I love Christmas time and the lovely decorations that cheer up the night in December and all the "top xxx hits of all time" programs. However, I dislike the absence of light that starts…

Art exhibition: for the love of (vintage) cats and cabin crew fashion

Time flies. More than a week ago, I visited Kunsthal Rotterdam with some friends for a nice vintage meets present exhibition. We were planning to see a Cabin Crew fashion exhibition, but at the entrance we received a nice surprise, because…
Oriental Spice and some Chocolate Modern Vintage Gal Birthday

What does a Modern Vintage Gal get for her birthday?

Autumn. The time when the leaves start falling on te ground. It rains and rains some more's also the time when I celebrate that I am officially getting older again! My birthday was on a Monday. As a personal tradition, I usually take…