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10 badass characteristics of the Be Yourselfer

A few weeks ago, I did a little interview on the Dutch lifestyle blog Dejlig.nl. One of the questions actually inspired me to write this blog. It was question number four: What is your life motto? My reply (the short version) was: Be yourself.…

My personal ode to flower power

Remember my post about trademarks? Everyone has their own trademarks, even when you're not aware of them. Your trademarks are not only limited to appearance. How you behave, how you think...personality is key. However, today I am talking about…
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Spice up your day: homemade food for thought - part 2

Let me tell you something about a moment that occurs very often. That moment when I'm in the shower or about to go to sleep. My mind has 300 tabs open and then suddenly somewhere next to those 300 tabs, the inspiration movement wakes up and…
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A trip to Neverland

There is something about Disney movies. You love the movies as a kid and they have a special place in your nostalgic heart when you're all grown up. Remember when Mufasa died (Lion King)? Or when Dombo was being teased with his big ears?…

A not so typical cup of coffee

I am not a morning person, but a real night owl. People who know me, will nod approvingly and those who follow me on social media have seen my midnight inspiration brainwaves. So the problem for a night person is not the fact that they meet…
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In a nutshell: I am a firm believer of Vintageology. In my opinion, knowledge about life(style) of the bygone days really adds (more) value to my present life. Vintageology is good for your mental health, mind and your knowledge level rises…