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Vintage lifestyle tips from the 1930s

Vintage lifestyle is more popular than ever these days. And rightly so. A lot of times the focus is on heydays of vintage Hollywood and fashion: the 1950s and 1960s. And again...rightly so, because - in my opinion - those were the peak days…
Tubino jackie & julietta pinup fifties style

A personal ode to the pencil skirt & dress

There is something about pencil skirts and dresses. I have always been fascinated by them. They are so classy and feminine. A while back I've written a post about the history of the pencil skirt. Remember how it all started with a propeller…
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Dream on

You might find yourself at home thinking. Thinking about wanting to have a job. Or you find yourself working in the office although you know that this job is not for you. You're back at home again thinking about your current situation which…
Mae West

The Samantha Jones of the 1930s

via Lou - Wolfm49 | Creative Commons You know those days when you feel like watching a good old serie that you already watched a hundred times? Well, last week I had one of those days. I felt like watching Sex and the city again. There were…
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Random Vintage meets Present thoughts on a random Monday

When you have a Vintage meets Present blog, the past meets present vibes pop up anywhere and anyplace. So here are some random vintage meets present thoughts on a random Monday night: When you cannot find that amazing Classic Hollywood movie,…
Rita Hayworth 1940s

Put a vintage music filter on it

What's current life without some typical vintage meets present vibes? Vintage fashion and style are hotter than ever. When it comes to music, old has ofcourse always been gold. As long as I can remember, I grew up with classics of the old…