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Whenever I talk about my blog and its topic, some eyebrows rise and questions are asked:

– “Why vintage?”

– “Where did that vintage fascination come from?

– “Why not Bollywood” (since I’m literally oriental)

And last but not least…

– “But you are so young, why do you like those old things?”

Since I usually do things in reverse order I will start with the last question. Let’s go way back in time. As in 16 years ago. Which is also almost vintage! Anyway. Let’s talk about history. A topic that fascinated me ever since highschool. I loved the subject history, it was my favorite subject. When I was learning from my history book, I was reading it like a roman. Needless to say that I scored very high on the history subject (and very low on the math subject…)

The way I see it: old is gold. Everything that is going on today, has its origin somewhere back in time. A good example is family history. (Almost) everyone is interested in their family history for obvious reasons. And ofcourse you are creating your own part of your family history right now. And 40 years from now you will be saying: “Back in my day…we had smartphones and tablets”.

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Since I am a real out-of-the-box thinker I am interested in all kinds of vintage things. From movies to fashion and from fashion to items we are addicted to nowadays. For example: that smartphone/tablet you are using right now has its own historical roots. And I don’t mean Apple or Samsung. No, the first inventions of wireless connections go back to the 1930s! One of the founders was even an Old Hollywood star: Hedy Lamarr. Let’s not forget about fashion. That pencil skirt hanging in my closet: who discovered that? (Well, you can read the answer to that question in my blogpost History of the pencil skirt). Besides all that…some things have changed, but in some ways they were even more modern and creative back in the day. If you’re unfamiliar with Old Hollywood movies, just watch a movie like Some like it hot, Gentlemen prefer blondes or Gilda. These movies from the 1940s and 1950s show women super confident in their own skin (no matter what size) with sharp (and hilarious) dialogues between women and men. Or go back to the 1920s, where everything was possible and they seriously knew how to party.

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So the “Why vintage?” question is an easy one. It’s not like you wake up one day and think: I am going to like vintage and historical things from this day forward. No…it all starts when you are young with having a higher than average interest in history. It evolves by watching Old Hollywood movies and it peaks when you like classy, feminine and glamorous fashion.

And finally, an answer to the “Why not Bollywood?” question. Since I see Bollywood as a different niche, it would require a second weblog and a lot of spare time! But: keep following my blog, because you never know when I might post a vintage Bollywood post…

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